There are a wide range of job opportunities in government. Keep in mind that the selection process is highly competitive; it is not an easy field to break into yet the pay scale is low relative to other fields.  It is crucial to stress the significance of Hebrew fluency for all communication is conducted in Hebrew.

In order to be accepted to a job in government, you will need to take several intelligence and psychological exams (Psychotechni Exam). The process may take several months.

Protexia (having connections/ knowing the right people) is the key to the game for the majority of positions. Often, positions have already been filled before they are officially announced or posted publically (Michraz Tafur).  Usually, temporary positions are filled by someone who has personal connections (Misrat Imun).

A wide variety of backgrounds are relevant for a career in government. However, army service is often a precursor for most positions (especially the Secret Service, Shabak, and Mossad).  Serving in elite combat, intelligence, and public relations units can help you develop the skills as well as the connections to land a government position.

Government agencies usually look for candidates who have studied: economics, law, business, political science, social work, international relations, etc.

Looking for a Position

Get your name out there; talk to as many people as you can, as Israeli chutzpah is a must in the government field; network with Olim who have broken into this sector to learn from their experience and to familiarize yourself with the particular department(s) in which they work.

All government jobs are posted on these  sites:

Israel Civil Service Jobs Facebook Page


Civil Service Commission

Bank Yisrael

The Civil Service Commission (HR of the public sector)

Jobiz – Portal for public sector jobs

The “finder” – MaasGroup

Positions at government ministers offices

Hapluga (political positions)

Jobs in Education

Mitam (recruitment company)

Jobs at the “Joint”


Government Employment

Public Sector (government, third and fourth sector)


Misrot Hevratiot


Jewish Agenc

Health Ministry

International Council of Museums (ICOM)

Israeli Police

Civilian Contractor (IDF)

Jerusalem Municipality

Defense Ministry

Certain positions in non-profit-organizations can give you the opportunity to work closely with the government, which is great way to gain experience and knowledge.

List of non-profit organizations:

Shatil’s online listing of job openings: (click Luchot Moda’ot on the top; jobs are listed on the right side of the screen)


If you are interested in a career in politics:

Volunteer for a campaign. Prove yourself. Be the first there and the last to leave. Build trust with the potential members of Knesset.

Members of Knesset (MKs) are constantly searching for new assistants, spokespersons, parliamentarian assistants, etc. You can apply for a job like this without personal connections, however it is recommended to talk to MKs and get your name out there.

Grassroots: Try to join a party’s list, even if you are not high up on the list, you gain great experience in campaigning and making changes in your municipality.

Be Connected: Many jobs in politics are about being highly connected, and being taken under someone’s wing.

Fellowships and Graduate Programs

Fellowships are a great way to gain experience and knowledge for government positions or politics. There are many options such as:

The Milken Fellowship
The Israel Research Fellowship
The Reut Institute

You can also apply to one of the Tzoarim Graduate programs which are for students interested in pursuing a career in government. Students complete a MA degree while gaining experience in a variety of government offices. Keep in mind that you need to be fluent in Hebrew both written and spoken to apply to these programs.

Tzoarim L’Sherut Hamedina – Several government ministries
Tzoarim Misrad HaChutz – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tzoarim Kalkala – Treasury