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Physicians from North America and the UK represent a valuable resource for the State of Israel, which is expecting to experience a shortage of doctors in the upcoming years, due to a convergence of factors such as population increase and the retirement of immigrant doctors (from the former USSR).

Alternative Medicine

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In Israel, there is no licensing procedure for alternative medical fields. Many practitioners work privately while others work in Kupot Cholim (health clinics). In order to work in a Kupah, you must present your credentials from abroad and show that you have malpractice insurance. Obtaining malpractice insurance in Israel also requires you to present your credentials.

Art Therapy

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Art therapists utilize art to help people with physical, psychological or emotional problems to communicate more effectively and to express their feelings. Art therapists work with clients who have physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems, in schools, hospitals, clinics, and prisons. Many people become art therapists after building up many years of experience in a related area such as art and design, occupational therapy, or social care. Knowledge of Hebrew is critical in order to work in an educational institution


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Chiropractors in Israel work primarily in private practice, as well as through the Kupot. The Israeli Chiropractic Society currently has over 70 members. For more information about the Society, see or call 09 882 4396. To become a member, you must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. All Israeli chiropractors studied in colleges abroad, as there is no course of study available in Israel.

Dental Hygienists

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In order to be recognized as a dental hygienist in Israel, one must be licensed by Misrad HaBriut (Ministry of Health). In order to obtain a license you must: Meet the educational requirements of Misrad HaBriut, Pass the licensing examination.


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About 85% of all dentists in Israel work in private clinics or in group practice. Other employment opportunities include Kupot Holim, school clinics, Kibbutzim and hospitals. Dentists working in public institutions are allowed to work in private clinics as well.

Doula Care

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In Jerusalem, it is very popular to hire a Doula, but it is still not totally accepted in the center of the country. Some hospitals fear that Doulas may interfere with the medical staff while other hospitals just prefer that you use their own in-house Doulas.

Geriatric Personal Care – Employment Options

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Geriatric personal care, known in Hebrew as “Siud”, is a field that employs people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of the Olim who work in geriatric care come with training in social work, nursing or therapy, though some have no prior experience or training in a related field. Several work settings are available, including at-home personal care and residential homes for the elderly. Providing care for the elderly is generally not a high paying vocation, though it can be extremely fulfilling work.

Lab Technicians

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If you have a BA or MA in laboratory work, you will be automatically recognized as a lab technician in Israel. If you studied other areas, you will be required to work for 6 months in a recognized laboratory. At the end of the work period, you will need to take a licensing exam.


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Before you can obtain recognition as a midwife, you must first become recognized in Israel as a registered nurse. This involves meeting all of the qualifications for nurses and passing the nursing exam.


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The role of optometrists is to provide vision care, not to function as eye doctors, and many of the responsibilities held by optometrists in North America are only performed in Israel by ophthalmologists.


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Magen David Adom (MDA) is responsible for paramedic regulations in Israel. Licensed paramedics from outside of Israel who want to transfer their licenses should contact the Medical Division of MDA.


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In order to obtain a license from the Misrad Habriut, you must personally submit your request at the Misrad Habriut office closest to your home (according to the address written in your Israeli Identification Card).


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Two courses are offered in Israel, providing training in phlebotomy (or in Hebrew, Lokchei Dam Vridi): For nurses (and other individuals with prior experience in the field), a short, two days course is provided. For other professionals, a longer, eight day course is provided.

Physician Assistant

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) is launching a course to train medical professionals to become PAs within the Israeli medical system. Israeli PAs will work under the supervision and guidance of physicians and will engage in all aspects of medicine: obtaining medical histories, undertaking physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, ordering and processing of laboratory tests, performing medical procedures, assisting during procedures and advancing health education.


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Physicians from North America and the UK represent a valuable resource for the State of Israel, which is expecting to experience a shortage of doctors in the upcoming years, due to a convergence of factors such as population increase and the retirement of immigrant doctors (from the former USSR).

Social Work

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Social workers in Israel work with a wide range of populations including families of the physically and mentally handicapped, underprivileged communities, children and youth at risk, hospital patients and their families, the elderly, drug rehabilitation, immigrants from non-Western countries, trauma and abuse victims, and victims of terror.

Ultrasound Technology

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Diagnostic ultrasound, both in Israel and abroad, is divided into four main categories: Obstetrics/Gynecology, Vascular, Echocardiography, and Abdominal/General. In Israel, students must first decide which of these four specialties they will pursue, while in the US programs students often combine the study of OBGYN ultrasound with abdominal ultrasound. Additionally, unlike in America, those wishing to study abdominal ultrasound technology in Israel must first complete studies as an x-ray technologist and then can receive "cross-training" in abdominal ultrasound.

Veterinary Medicine

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Job opportunities for qualified veterinarians are available throughout Israel, though competition for open positions can be stiff. Most veterinarians in Israel are employed under government auspices or are self-employed in private practice.


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