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Preschool and Daycare

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North American preschool teachers in Israel frequently opt to work in a private Gan. Typically, private Gan is open to children between the ages of 1 and 3. Some Ganim are designed for children in a wide range of ages, but most Ganim limit enrollment to a more specific age group.


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There are two main venues through which archaeologists in Israel can find full time positions: the Israel Antiquities Authority (Reshut Ha’Atikot) and the university system. Most of the digs that are currently underway are being conducted by the Antiquities Authority for Chafirot Hatzalah, digs that are required to be conducted when new building/road development occurs in Israel to determine that the construction does not cover or destroy any undiscovered antiquities.

Teaching Children with Special Needs

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Special education is offered to students beginning in preschool and continuing through high school. The services of the Israeli department of education are offered for learning, emotional and communicative disabilities. The department also services students who are physically impaired. Hebrew is important. It is important to work on your Hebrew proficiency before looking for a job in this field. Special education educators can potentially earn a greater salary than regular teachers for there are many opportunities for private tutoring and other work.


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The Israeli educational system is divided into Jewish, Arab and Christian sectors. The Jewish sector is further divided into Secular ("Mamlachti"), Religious ("Mamlachti Dati,") and Independent ("Atzmai" - Beit Yaakov and Haredi). There are also schools that are semi-private where the staff, parents and department of education design the curriculum.

Teaching Judaic Studies

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It helps to have studied in Israel, but it is not necessary. If you study overseas, you need to be prepared to handle cultural differences in the Israeli classroom. The system is different in Israel: A teacher in Israel has more responsibility as far as classroom management; teachers are expected to handle behavioral issues in the classroom, rather than sending the child to the principal’s office.


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