Note: Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) has started a pilot program, whereby potential Olim can begin the licensing process prior to making Aliyah. For information, see: Start Your Licensing Before Aliyah

As part of the Israeli medical licensing process, Misrad HaBriut requires that certain documentation be translated into Hebrew, the translations of which must be certified by an Israeli notary. There are fixed rates for notarization which are set annually by Misrad Hamishpatim (Ministry of Justice) and are non-negotiable. 

If you are applying to Misrad Habriut, please note that:

  • All documents must be translated and notarized by an Israeli notary. For each document that you submit, you will need to submit 1 notarized copy, plus a photocopy of that same document. (Please also make a photocopy of each notarized document for your files.) Do not submit any original files.
  • Make sure that your file is complete and exact when you submit it, in order to speed up the licensing process. If you are missing documents, this will lengthen the process (by months).

In order to get a head start on the licensing process, some notaries allow you to fax a copy of your documentation to them prior to your Aliyah. They will begin working on the translation and upon your Aliyah will view the originals in order to certify your documents.


In addition to the certification fee, some notaries charge for doing the translation itself. Unlike notarization, the cost of translation does vary. We encourage you to “shop around” to find the cheapest deal for the translation. In addition, if your Hebrew is sufficient, you may translate documents yourself, which saves you money, and utilize a notary just for the notarization service (he/she may charge a lower fee to correct the translation if necessary). 


The following notaries provide both translation and notarization services and offer discounts (on the translation service, not the notarization service) to Nefesh B’Nefesh Olim.

Note: Nefesh B’Nefesh provides this listing as a public service but does not endorse the individuals or organizations that are listed. You are entitled to use any Israeli notary.

Amiel, Nadine
Advocate and Notary
Shavei Tzion
Tel: 058-627-2625
On notarized translations, NBN Olim pay only for the notarization.

Bar-Natan, Gil
Frenkel, Bar-Natan, Giveon & Co. Law Offices and Notary
“Lev Hamada” Tower, Tamar-Rabin Park
7 Oppenheimer Street
Rehovot 76701
Phone: 08-946-2288
Fax: 08-946-4412
On notarized translations, NBN Olim pay only for the notarization.

Benjamin, Ari
Ari Benjamin, Attorney at Law
Admitted to the Israel and New York State Bars
38 Chovevei Zion St.
Tel Aviv 63346 Israel
Tel: 972-52-5957710
Fax: 972-3-5284176
US Tel: 1-347-897-9847
US Fax: 1-917-722-8549

Billig, Elana
Advocate and Notary
Tel: 052-856-0859

Farkas, Yoel
Licensed Israeli Notary
Mobile Notarization and Translation Services
Tel: 054-325-7440

Fenster, Yitzchak*
Advocate, Notary and Professional Translator
Offices in Bnei Brak and Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv
Cell: 054-5484004
Full range of notary services available by appointment in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak
*Special Offer for NBN Olim: first translation free of charge
Fish, Chana

Ganor, Uri
Tel Aviv

Greenbaum, Chia
Yellinek-Greenbaum, Advocates-at-Law & Notary Publics
12 Coresh St. Entrance C
P.O.B. 1905
Jerusalem 91019
Tel: 02-6240808
Fax: 02-6259016

Herszlikowicz , Gabriel
Gabriel Herszlikowicz Law & Notary Offices
Notary Services & Notarized Translation in English, Spanish and Hebrew; Family & Elder Law Attorney, Immigration Law (Israel) Attorney
Address: 25 Engel St.  Kfar Saba
Office Tel: (+972) 077-5600237
Office WhatsApp:  +972-77-5600237
Service Area: Kfar Saba, Ra’anana, Natanya & HaSharon, Tel Aviv & Gush Dan
*Reduced Rates for NBN Olim (Valid for holders of Teudat Oleh from the last seven years).

Ilan, Esther, Adv.
Esther Ilan, Adv., Certified Mediator and Notary
14 HaMelachah Street
Tel: 09-788-8999
Cell: 054-697-8857

Jackson, Simon, Adv.*
Notarial, Legal, Translation & Editing Services
Translator for the British Consulate and the IRS
Direct Dial: (++972) 737-40-60-40
Cellular: (++972) 545-742-374
Facsimile: (++972) 3-762-2823
Skype: simonjackson
*Special Offer for NBN Olim: Pay only the notarization fee; no additional cost for translations.

Katzir, Efraim A
23 Emek Refaim St (German Colony)
Phone: 02-6718101
Cell: 050-2862524

Mann, Richard
Advocate and Notary
20 Hagaaton Blvd., Nahariya
Tel.: 04-9925531
Fax: 04-9929790
Cell: 054-4811668

Mayers, Frank
Advocate & Notary
Moshe Aviv Tower, 7 Jabotinsky, Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-5220914; Fax: 03-5270518

Olman, Jane 
Advocate, Notary, Translation Services
Notary services in Jerusalem or Modiin
Tel: +972 2 625 1522, +972 546606132
*Special Offer for NBN Olim: For short documents (such as birth or marriage certificates), pay only the notarization fee; no additional cost for translations

Ophir, Michal

Phone: 1-800-396-396
67 Bialik St., Ramat Gan 

Rubin, Morris 
Mobile: 052-260-0917
Phone: 02-563-7768
Fax: 02-563-4098
Rechov Radak 1, Jerusalem

Seitz, Simon
Notarization, Legal and Translation Services
Tel: 02-623-0251
2 Ben Yehuda, Room 242, Jerusalem
On notarized translations, NBN Olim pay only for the notarization.

Shabat, Dr. Oren
Advocate and Notary
Herzliya Pituach Branch: 22 Maskit Street, Beit Lumir, South Entrance, 3rd Floor, Herzliya Pituach.
Netanya Branch: 38 Tehila Street, Netanya.
Tel: 09-954-3895
Fax: 09-954-5033
Website: or

Slonim Rothner, Avigail
Advocate and Notary
8 Shimon St. Beit Shemesh, 99543
Tel:  02-999-2435
Fax:  153-2-999-2435

Treitel, Andrew
Advocate and Notary

Michele Coven
Attorney and Notary
American Immigration and Naturalization Law
Mitzpe Nevo 27/6, Maale Adumim, Israel
Tel: 02-590-3444

Zeitler, Michael
Attorney-at-law and Notary
Shderot Nesiei Yisrael 9, Karmiel
Tel: 04-998-4658