The following listing provides links to all of the pages on the Misrad Habriut site that you should be required to access as part of the licensing process.

If you have questions about your eligibility to meet Israeli licensing requirements, please see: Professional Licensing in Israel

Obtaining a Police Statement: Misrad Habriut will need to receive an Ishur Bidvar He’eder Rishum Plili, a statement regarding your lack of a criminal record, from the Israeli Police. To expedite this process, you can obtain the letter by requesting it directly from your local police station. This shortens the licensing process (rather than waiting for Misrad Habriut to obtain it from the police themselves). In some cities, you will first need to pay 32 NIS at the post office prior to going to your local police station. Ask to pay for an Ishur Bidvar He’eder Rishum Plili, and bring the receipt to the police station. Once you obtain this letter, mail it directly to Misrad Habriut together with your other licensing forms.

The following site provides practice questions (for a fee) that help nurses, physical therapists and dietitians prepare for the licensing exams:

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration is offering a retroactive reimbursement of up to NIS 4000 to Olim who were required to translate and/or notarize documents in order to transfer their professional license in Israel.

Please note the following conditions:

–  Olim must submit their original receipts (or verified copies).
–  The reimbursement is only retroactive from January 15, 2015.
– Only Olim who have not yet reached retirement age are eligible.

In addition, the Ministry offers a reimbursement for Olim who took the governmental licensing exam. Your eligibility lasts for 10 years from your date of Aliyah. The reimbursement is ONLY given retroactively and will be paid back ONLY after submitting the receipt for your exam to your local Misrad Haklita office.
Please note: if you didn’t participate in a Misrad Haklita preparation course for the governmental licensing exam, you may be entitled to reimbursement for 2 exams (if needed).