Degrees & Licensing

Physician Assistant

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) is launching a course to train medical professionals to become PAs within the Israeli medical system. Israeli PAs will work under the supervision and guidance of physicians and will engage in all aspects of medicine: obtaining medical histories, undertaking physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, ordering and processing of laboratory tests, performing medical procedures, assisting during procedures and advancing health education.

Art Therapy

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Art therapists utilize art to help people with physical, psychological or emotional problems to communicate more effectively and to express their feelings. Art therapists work with clients who have physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems, in schools, hospitals, clinics, and prisons. Many people become art therapists after building up many years of experience in a related area such as art and design, occupational therapy, or social care. Knowledge of Hebrew is critical in order to work in an educational institution

School Psychologist

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School psychologists can find positions in the department of psychological services in cities throughout the country. Positions are also available in private educational counseling clinics. Some psychologists open their own educational evaluation agencies for families.

Recognition of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

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Academic: In order to pursue an advanced degree in Israel, you must submit your foreign degree to the Israeli university you wish to attend. Your degree will be evaluated. The universities have full academic freedom in this matter and are not subject to Misrad Hachinuch’s criteria.


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As Israel holds the distinction of having the most lawyers per capita of any country in the world, lawyers can be found in any city. By far, the largest number of lawyers and law firms can be found in Tel Aviv, with Haifa and Jerusalem following distantly behind. Salary levels for attorneys in Tel Aviv are usually higher than those in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv also have possibilities in governmental work. Occasionally, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University require the services of a lawyer from abroad with a particular area of expertise. Alternatively, many lawyers go into private practice, either on their own or in partnership with other advocates.

Getting Started with the Israel Securities Authority (ISA)

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Congratulations, you got your CFA or Series 7 license! Now let me help you with the next challenge - becoming an Israeli Investment Advisor. Let me explain what I know to be the facts and rules in obtaining an Investment Advisor (IA – Miktzoet Aleph) or Portfolio Manager license (PM – Miktzoet Bet).


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The Israeli educational system is divided into Jewish, Arab and Christian sectors. The Jewish sector is further divided into Secular ("Mamlachti"), Religious ("Mamlachti Dati,") and Independent ("Atzmai" - Beit Yaakov and Haredi). There are also schools that are semi-private where the staff, parents and department of education design the curriculum.


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Olim from the U.S., Canada and the UK have developed successful careers in Israel. Because the large architecture firms can be hard to penetrate, Olim frequently find it best to build up their own businesses. Many work in home development, construction and design, focusing on English-speaking clients who appreciate their Western professional background.


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Chiropractors in Israel work primarily in private practice, as well as through the Kupot. The Israeli Chiropractic Society currently has over 70 members. For more information about the Society, see or call 09 882 4396. To become a member, you must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. All Israeli chiropractors studied in colleges abroad, as there is no course of study available in Israel.

Ph.D Recognition

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If you are working in the public sector, including government offices, hospitals, etc., you must have your Ph.D recognized by Misrad HaChinuch. In the public sector, recognition of your Ph.D will affect both your rank and salary. If you're working for a private organization or a post-doc, you will not need to have your degree recognized at all.