Career Guidance for Students

Choosing a Career – A Guide for Students

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As most students enter college without a specific career path in mind, choosing a career is a multi-stage process that the majority of college students go through. For a student who is planning to include Aliyah in his or her future, there are additional considerations that are inherent in the process which often play a significant role in the outcome.

Composing your First Resume

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One of the biggest challenges for a first time job seeker can be structuring a resume despite minimal or no experience in a particular field. We have listed below some key points to consider when composing an entry-level resume. Please refer to Adjusting Your Resume for the Israeli Market for additional information on composing your resume.

Developing Marketable Skills

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Finding a first job can be hard if you don’t have any experience, whether or not you have pursued higher education. Having a practical, specialized skill can therefore be a great asset to your resume and wallet, no matter what stage of the job hunt you are at. Developing a marketable skill may involve taking a short-term course, or just honing and capitalizing on a skill you already have.

Employment and the Israeli Job Market

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For most people, the process of choosing a career involves consideration of a variety of factors but, for those who intend to make Aliyah, there are additional considerations that play an important role, as well. Here are some practical guidelines and suggestions for Aliyah-minded students who are choosing a career path. We urge you to take these factors into account early on, before you start pursuing your career, so that you will be prepared professionally for Aliyah. We also urge you to start studying Hebrew well in advance of your Aliyah, in order to make your transition to the Israeli work environment, a successful one.

Finding a Job After the Army

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When you finish your army service and start to look for a job in Israel, there are a range of resources and opportunities that are available to you as a newly discharged soldier. The skills that you gained in the army, as well as your knowledge of Hebrew, will be assets that will help you once you start to explore options within the Israeli work force.

Student FAQ

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If you are studying in the US, be sure to choose a field that is transferable to Israel. Generally speaking, try to pursue a field you find interesting that is also practical and relevant to the Israeli market. Another important consideration is the typical salary range in your field of interest and whether it will meet the standard of living that you envision for yourself.


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