Beit Ha’am offers morning classes, continuing Ulpan (Ulpan Bet) and Ulpan for retirees. It is located in downtown Jerusalem.

BeitHa’am also offers an “UlpanHemshech” option for those who have already used their Oleh benefits but wish to continue studying in Ulpan. For those who used up their benefits, the fees are as follows:
5 days a week – 920 NIS/ month + 65 registration fee
3 days a week – 613 NIS/ month + 45 registration fee
2 days a week – 394 NIS/ month + 45 registration fee

New classes begin frequently, and include a full range of levels.

2, 3 & 5 day a week options will be available depending on registration. 

Olim are also welcome to join continuing classes:
Alef/Bet – 2 or 3 days a week
Gimmel/Daled – 3 days a week
Hey-Vav – 2 days a week

Dates: 5 days a week course beings February 1st 2017, for levels Beginners through Vav, for ages 18 and up.

Open to both Jerusalem and non-Jerusalem residents, and tourists.

For more details, please contact Hadassah, the director:  052-831-3949

Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה)
Telephone number 02-624-0034 (phones answered till 12:30PM only); 02-545-6891
Fax number 053-797-6309
Address 11 Bezalel St.
Name of contact person Hadassah Yaron
Updated February 2017