Maarava – Yeshiva
The yeshiva offers a full Bagrut program, but the emphasis is placed on Torah study. Boys must wear a hat and jacket to davening. Dorm is obligatory. A personal interview is a necessary part of the rigorous and exclusive application process and can often be arranged while Rabbi Chait is in the States.
Area, Neighborhood Matityahu (Maale Adumim & Shomron מעלה אדומים ושומרון)
Grade Levels 9 – 12
Religious Type Haredi חרדי
Gender Boys
Special Needs There is no assistance provided for children with learning disabilities.
Telephone Number 08-976-1266
Fax Number 08-976-1523
E-mail or
Name of Principal Rabbi Baruch Chait
Name of Vice Principal Rabbi Harris
Name of Yoetzet/Yoetz Chen Glazman
Name of contact person Debbie (secretary)
Percentage of English speakers 40%
Established in 1985
Tuition 24,000 NIS per year
Number of students in the school 160
Number of kids on average in a class 35-40
Special programs for olim Assistance is offered as needed.
Updated November 2013