Nof Ayalon is located in a lovely rural setting. It is within a 10 minute commute to Modiin and is in a reasonable commuting distance to both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
It is a community with educated and religiously committed residents.
Families interested in living in Nof Ayalon must undergo an interview process with the yishuv acceptance committee.
Please be aware that there is very limited housing available in Nof Ayalon, both for purchase and rental.



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Local Employment

Residents work primarily in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas, with some as close as Modiin. Commuters are able to take the train from Modiin to all Tel Aviv stations.

Education / Youth

Education is tremendously important to Nof Ayalon residents and they have invested significant resources into ensuring that their educational institutions are exceptional. The yishuv has a maon for children up to 3 years old, and a gan that is part of the Beis Yaakov school system. The majority of the elementary school children attend the Shalhevet Mamlachti-Dati Torani elementary schools for boys and girls (separate schools). There is an excellent website that discusses the approach and structure of both schools.
See Parents are actively involved in the functioning of the two schools. Some parents send their boys to Dvir, a ‘Silberman-type’ school (1st-8th grades) that places increased emphasis on Torah studies, while devoting considerably less attention to the general curriculum.
The Sha’alvim Education Village also has a boy’s junior high school, a Yeshiva high school(, and Ulpana (7-12)( All are very well respected institutions, with innovative programs and a strong emphasis on religious and general studies.
Nof Ayalon has an exceptionally strong Bnei Akiva chapter that envelops the life of the yishuv’s young residents, with boys and girls in separate groups.


Residents of the yishuv generally have at least one car. It is quite difficult to get around relying solely on public transportation, but there is some public transportation available. There are buses every 1/2 hour to Jerusalem and more frequent service to Modi’in and Ramle. Residents also carpool to work in the Tel Aviv area and locations south of Nof Ayalon. From Nof Ayalon, it is a 30 minute drive to Jerusalem, and 40 minutes to Tel Aviv.

Olim Services

Olim can attend the ulpan in neighboring Modiin.The community warmly welcomes new olim and enthusiastically supports them in the acclimation process.

Amenities / Services

There are two mini-markets very close to the yishuv.

Community and Religious Life

Nof Ayalon is a yishuv with a close community feeling, and individuals really concern themselves with the welfare of their fellow residents. Each block has its own ‘hesed chief’ who tends to the needs of the families. Each of the two neighborhoods has its own synagogue complex, and in each complex you are likely to find the type of davening that is comfortable for you. There are Torah classes offered throughout the week and on Shabbat for adults and children.

Real Estate

Most residents live in semi and fully detached homes. There are some apartments that are available. In general housing is very limited.

Profile Updated: December 2015