Established 75 years ago, Kfar Yona is a quiet and residential community, where parents feel safe allowing even young children to walk around freely. Although the community has a peaceful and small town feel, its central location makes transportation to other areas and major cities highly accessible. The eastern part of the community consists of a mix of the newer residents and the older established community;the western part is entirely new. Residents do not really feel these divisions however, with everyone mixing and associating with one another in schools and in the community center.

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Local Employment

Most residents of Kfar Yona work outside of the city, with people commuting to Netanya, Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, or Haifa by train or car.

Education / Youth

There are 3 Mamlachti schools in Kfar Yona, Hadar, Rimon and Amal. There is also a Ma’mad Torani school, Bar Ilan. Additionally, there is Mamlachti junior high and high school, Ish Shalom.

A new elementary school and a new Mamlachti junior high is being build in Kfar Yona.

Most Dati Leumi families send their children to other locations for junior high – most often in Netanya.

There are active chapters of the Tzofim and B’nai Akiva groups, with some programs being coed, and some separate.


For those choosing to settle in Kfar Yona, a car is recommended as the most convenient method of travel. The community is located less that five minutes off of Route 6, and less than a ten minute drive from Netanya. There are a number of buses available to Netanya – both to the city and the train station, and to routes 57 & 4, as well as to Beit Lid, from where it is possible to get buses to many other areas of the country.

Olim Services

Olim can join Ulpan classes in nearby Netanya.

Amenities / Services

Most of Kfar Yona’s residents do their shopping in nearby Netanya. Within Kfar Yona itself, however, there are three large supermarkets and a small mall. The community’s facilities allow for its residents to enjoy a wide and varied range of activities, and include a well-appointed library, a beautiful gym, and a municipal swimming pool. There are two large parks, where local residents stroll and ride their bikes. Many of Kfar Yona’s residents enjoy the horseback riding and other sporting activities offered in neighboring towns.
The community center hosts a variety of programs and cultural events for both youth and adults.

Kfar Yona is home to an assisted living facility.

Community and Religious Life

There are around 20 Orthodox synagogues in Kfar Yona, including Dati Leumi, Shas, Chabad, and Teimani. The Orthodox residents are not congregated in one area but rather live over the city.

Real Estate

There are a variety of real estate options available in Kfar Yona

Semi-detached, 6 room home: ~1.9 million NIS
Apartment in new development, 4 room: ~1.3 million NIS

Semi-detached, 6 room home: ~6000 NIS/month
Apartment in new development, 4 room: ~4500 NIS/month

Profile Updated: July 2015