The Har Nof community was first established on the western-most hill of Jerusalem in the early 1980s and, as its name implies, this “mountain with a view” overlooks a spectacular vista of the Jerusalem Forest and the Judean Hills . It has since grown into a thriving, bustling neighborhood of over 20,000 people. Har Nof is a religious community that prides itself on the harmony and good relations enjoyed by the various groups of Orthodox Jews that comprise its population. It has attracted a large concentration of Dati, English-speaking immigrants who were looking for a neighbourhood in Jerusalem to meet their professional and educational needs. Approximately 30% of the population in Har Nof is made up of religious Zionist (“modern orthodox”) families who have created a warm, vibrant, and active community.



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Local Employment

Har Nof’s population consists of a very high percentage of professionals, businessmen, and educators, and the location of the neighborhood affords easy accessibility to opportunities in all neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


Accessibility to Employment

The neighborhood is easily accessible to the main Jerusalem -Tel Aviv highway, facilitating travel to most anywhere in Israel.

Education / Youth

Har Nof has seperate Mamad Torani (State Religious) schools for both girls and boys. Both schools are unique in Jerusalem in that they have extended their curriculum to include a high level of Torah study alongside a thorough grounding in secular subjects, following the model of many Jewish schools outside Israel. In fact, the curriculum integrates Torah themes into all the subjects taught, and encourages its students to develop an appreciation of all aspects of Eretz Yisrael through familiarity with its geography, its history and its flora and fauna. In addition to outings around the country, classes are often held in the school’s dedicated field center in the Jerusalem Forest, which is just behind the school. The school day lasts until 3.30 p.m. except for Tuesdays, when school ends at 2.00 p.m. to allow the students to attend youth group activities, and Fridays when the school finishes early for Shabbat. Class sizes are relatively small by Israeli standards and there is a warm, family atmosphere. Parents receive a weekly update on class activities and the material covered in each subject, as well as regular reports on the progress of the student. Parent / children learning sessions are encouraged and special help is given to children with learning disabilities. Both schools have an active P.T.A. with a support group offered for English speaking parents. A day camp is also run in the school during school holidays and a learning program is offered for both boys and girls during the break (“Lo Yamush”). There are two very active Religious Zionist youth movements in Har Nof, Ezra and Ariel whose members meet twice a week – on Tuesdays and Shabbatot. Ezra also runs a youth Minyan on Shabbat and offers a special program for bogrim (alumni) of Ezra on Friday nights.



From Har Nof, every area of Jerusalem is accessible via the numerous bus lines that feed into the neighborhood. The community is only 20-30 minutes away from the Old City and the Kotel. The shopping areas of Kanfei Nesharim and Center One are only 5 minutes away. Har Nof is also 10 minutes from the Central Bus Station, and 20 minutes from the center of town.


Olim Services

The community has created a welcoming committee for new immigrants, to assist them in their integration into Israeli society, and to help them with educational options, real estate availability, or any other issues related to their klitah. An adopt – a – family program has also been established, for new olim families moving into the neighborhood. Through this program, Anglo Olim are matched up with English speaking veteran Olim already living in Har Nof.


Community and Religious Life

Har Nof’s Zionistic residents are best described as a Torani community, whose Rabbis and educators are graduates of such renowned institutions as Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, Yeshivat Gush Etzion, Yeshivat Keren B’Yavneh and Yeshivah University.As a function of the unique nature of the Torani Hashkafic outlook, much effort is directed towards celebrating events and holidays as a community.Har Nof has many synagogues, including four Religious Zionist synagogues. Because of the high percentage of Olim in these communities, new immigrants enjoy strong community ties and support networks, a facet sorely missing in some of the other more classical neighborhoods in Israel. Each synagogue has an active social calendar celebrating all the Chagim as a community. As a function of the unique nature of the Torani Hashkafic outlook, much effort is directed towards celebrating events and holidays as a cohesive. The land of Israel is focused on with tiyulim, lectures and celebrations (such as Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalyim). There are many residents who make a custom of walking to the kotel every Shabbat. Each synagogue has a busy schedule of Shiurim and lectures in the evenings and during the day, many of which are conducted in English as well. Some of the Har Nof synagogues include: Kehilat Zichron Yosef, led by Rabbi Levintal , Kehilat Neveh Nof, led by Rabbi Yaakov Warhaftig, Kehilat Dati-Leumi, led by Rabbi Rephael (Rafi) Feuerstein, and Kehilat Sferadi-Leumi, led by Rabbi Lev Tov.

Real Estate

Prices for purchasing a:
2 bedroom Apt- 1,550,000 NIS
3 bedroom Apt- 1,800,000 NIS
4 bedroom Apt- 2,200,000 NIS

Prices for renting a:
2 bedroom Apt- 3,500 NIS
3 bedroom Apt- 4,500 NIS
4 bedroom Apt- 5,500 NIS

Profile Updated: April, 2013