The residents of Bet Rimon wake up every morning to the spectacular views of the Lower Galil hills and valleys. The view is cross-country, from the snow-capped Hermon mountain to the boats in Haifa Bay.

The history of Beit Rimon began in 1979, when a group of pioneers from England – together with a Nachal army group and the Kibbutz Hadati Movement – moved to a hill on the Turan mountain range, and made it their home. Beit Rimon was established as a classic Kibbutz and later underwent a privatization process to become a “new style” Kibbutz. Nevertheless, the rural atmosphere prevails and today, the Kibbutz is home to varied agricultural operations. The Kibbutz continues to undergo changes, and to examine various communal options which best allow the community to prosper and live according to the kibbutz ideals.

Alongside the Kibbutz there is a thriving community neighborhood (Kerem Rimon). The social and cultural events of Bet Rimon are the combined talents of all who live here, whether on the Kibbutz or in Kerem Rimon.

Kibbutz members work in several different agricultural branches of the Kibbutz, including: one of the largest dairy farms in the country, a chicken coop, a factory for agricultural and gardening hand utensils, olive groves, and field crops. In addition, a wide range of professionals live there.

Bet Rimon is unique in its pluralistic national religious population. Many kinds of people live here, reflecting the name of the community: the many-seeded pomegranate.


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Accessibility to Employment

The majority of residents commute to work in Tiberias (30 minutes), Afula (40 minutes), Karmiel (40 minutes), the hi-tech park in Migdal HaEmek (35 minutes), Natzrat Illit (20 minutes), Haifa (50 minutes), Rosh Pina (30 minutes), or Tzefat (40 minutes). It is possible (though lengthy) to commute to Jerusalem (2 hours) and Tel Aviv (90 minutes), using the new Trans-Israel Highway.

Education / Youth

Beit Rimon’s pre-school (Gan) and day care (Maon) are well-regarded by residents. There is a childcare center for children aged three months through three years, as well as kindergarten for children up to age six. Elementary school-aged children attend the local regional public religious school Yad Sasson on Kibbutz Lavi. Transportation is provided by the Regional Council. Some children travel to the Talmud Torah in Natzrat Illit. Most of the older children in Beit Rimon stay fairly nearby for high school. The majority of girls go to the well-regarded Ulpanit in Tiberias; a smaller number dorm in at the Ulpana in Kfar Pines, another well-regarded school. Boys also have a wide range of options, including yeshivot in Tiberias, Meron, Sde Ya’akov, Hazorim and Hispin. Some boys and girls attend Shaked, the Kibbutz Hadati High School situated in Sde Eliyahu.

Community life is very active. “Sachet Chayim” is the Talmud Torah framework for children ages Gan to Bar mitzvah, weekly chugim, Parshat Hashavua and Tehillim for kids every Shabbat, and Bnei Akiva. Many school graduates will spend another year volunteering or learning in Yeshiva/Midrasha before their national service.


As a result of Beit Rimon’s rural location, a private car is truly necessary for transportation. There is no direct bus service onto Beit Rimon, though some residents do rely on a bus that lets passengers off on the main road. The vast majority commute to work in their own vehicles, carpools, or in transportation provided by their employers.

Olim Services

Beit Rimon has idealistic and caring residents who are deeply committed to helping Olim integrate. When a new family comes to Beit Rimon, the community is ready with an adoptive family, meals and people available to help with the many details associated with settling in a new country and a new home. There are Ulpanim and government offices providing services for Olim in Tiberias, Natzrat Illit, Karmiel, Tzemach and other nearby places. As is the case with most Yishuv communities, residents must pass through an acceptance committee.

There is a significant English speaking population on Beit Rimon. Originally founded by British Olim, the community has a clear understanding of what it means to move to a new place. A number of families have made Aliyah directly to Beit Rimon, and there are additional families in which either one parent or both are native English speakers.

Amenities / Services

Beit Rimon hosts a small grocery store which sells basic staples. Residents do more extensive shopping in the larger towns and cities where they work. There is an on-site Kupat Holim Clalit (medical clinic). Hospitals are located nearby in Poriya (25 minutes), Afula (35 minutes), and Rambam in Haifa (50 minutes). Dentists, optometrists, and other medical practitioners have practices in nearby towns. Bet Rimon also has a secretarial office which provides postal services.

Community and Religious Life

Beit Rimon is a very community orientated settlement. The general atmosphere on Bet Rimon is warm and friendly. There are numerous Yishuv-wide activities, including holiday programs and after-school groups for children. All residents of the community belong to the Beit Knesset which is open to every Nusach (style of prayer). During the holidays there is a separate Sefaradi minyan as well. There are a wide variety of Torah classes offered during the week, including a Talmud Torah program for adults (with guest lecturers). There are Shabbat shiurim given by the Yishuv’s Rabbi (Rav Yechiel Tzur). There are classes especially for men, women, and children, and a Friday morning Beit Midrash program. The community’s members are Dati-Leumi, Shomrei Mitzvot and Zionist. The Cultural Committee organizes holiday activities, cultural evenings, and other communal activities. The staff and pupils of Carmei Chayil (the pre-army Mechina situated on Beit Rimon) both enrich and participate in the Torah and cultural events on a regular basis.

Real Estate

A number of housing options exist on Beit Rimon: joining the Kibbutz, renting or buying a private home in Kerem Rimon, the community expansion neighborhood.The kibbutz and community neighborhood have plans to continue expanding, with plots to build; however, rentals are scarce. Please speak to Beverly Aron, the community contact for additional information.

Profile Updated: December 2013