Yishuv Adam was founded in 1984 by a group of secular Israelis who were looking to stay in a close vicinity to Jerusalem, yet have a higher quality of life. Out of the Yishuvim in the Binyamin area, it is the closest to Jerusalem. Being a 7 minute drive to the city and affordable housing has made it attractive to all segments of society.

At this point, the Yishuv is half religious and half secular. All segments of the population coexist peacefully and respectfully.

Scenic Yishuv Adam is located on a mountain top overlooking the Jordan Valley. On a clear day you can see both the Dead Sea and the Jordanian peaks from the Eastern side of the Yishuv. Oro Shel Adam is an organization, in part, which helps new Olim and English speakers with settlement in Yishuv Adam.


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Local Employment

7 minute drive to Jerusalem and a 15 minutes to the Har Hotzvim high-tech center. The connecting roads to 443 and 1 provide easy accessibility to the center of the country. 20 minutes from Maalei Adumim

For teachers there are many local schools and nurseries.

Education / Youth

Many nurseries of all denominations – Secular, Dati Leumi, Chabad, Charedi-Sefardi, Charedi-Beit Yaakov. Elementary schools – Secular, Dati Leumi, Charedi-Sefardi. Gan sefa for special needs. There is free transportation provided for many schools in Jerusalem. In Kochav Yaakov (a 10 minute car ride from Yishuv Adam) there is a dati leumi middle school as well as high schools for girls and boys, as well as other Yishuvim in the area (between a 15- 25 minute drive away). Yeshivat Or Bereishit- Yeshiva Gevoha for married and single men

There are active Bnai Akiva, and Ichud Hachaklai youth groups. Many chugim – including soccer and basketball for men and women – are played in our newly built sports center. There are many different types of chugim for kids.


There is an Egged bus 142 every 15 minutes in the morning and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. 20 minutes to the light train. 45 minute bus ride to the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. Car ride -10 minutes to Pisgat Zev and 25 minutes to the center of town/central bus station.

Olim Services

Oro Shel Adam helps Anglos acclimate to the community. Rabbi Shalom Miller is the Oleh Coordinator. We offer people who are interested a place to stay for Shabbat. In addition, there are programs and social events for English speakers.

Amenities / Services

In the Yishuv there are two mini-markets, a pizza shop, a toy store, a barber shop, and a pet store. It is a two minute drive from a shopping center Shar Binyamin, where you can find a Rami Levi, a bakery, a dentist, a pharmacy, and many other stores. There is a developmental childrens center, a Maccabi health center, and a tire repair shop. Across the road is a gas station and the bus stop to all of the other local Yishuvim. 15 minute ride to Pisgat Zev mall, local shopping centers, and health centers.

A few minutes further down the highway you will find the Binyamin welcome center-housed in the Pisagot Winery.

Community and Religious Life

There are eight Sefardi shuls, two main Ashkenazi shuls and a Chabad shul. Yeshivat Or Bereshit – Yeshiva Gedola. Night kollel in Nachalat Binyamin Shul. Oro Shel Adam provides seminars, Shabbos Programs and family events. Womens monthly Rosh Chodesh events. Chabad seasonal children’s events and women’s weekly shiurim

Real Estate

Duplexes, apartments, garden apartments, – no tall buildings!!

Price range to buy:
3 rooms 800,000-900,000 NIS
4 rooms with a garden for around 1 million NIS
Semi Detached Homes around 1,200,000 NIS

There are small 2 rooms for young couple 2,000 NIS
3 rooms 2,700 NIS
4 rooms 3,000 NIS
Semi Detached 3,500 NIS


The center of the Yishuv is the oldest part of the settlement. In that area religious and secular homes are interspersed. At the Eastern side of the Yishuv there exists a newer section of homes that are mostly Dati and Charedi. Different types of living spaces can be found in each section.

Profile Updated: March, 2014