The Otzem Pre-Military Torah Academy has taken upon itself a great educational mission: the nurturing of people engaged with Klal Yisrael – the Jewish People in its entirety – and who draw their values from the faith and the Torah of Israel. Despite its painful uprooting from Gush Katif, the Academy continues to fly the banner of pioneering and settlement of the Land in Cholot Chalutza.

In addition, the Otzem Pre-Military Torah Academy offers a program specifically for Olim.


Address נווה, ד.נ. הנגב 85485
Telephone / Fax TEL:08-9987511 FAX:08-9960179
Year Established 1992
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) Not published
Registration Jan-March
Religious Type Dati Leumi, Torani
Director Harav Rafi Peretz
Contact Person Yaron
Percent of English Speakers 0.1
Army Deferments Assistance yes
Special program for Olim? no

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