Bring about change in society by fostering social leadership – values ​​among senior Graduates from all walks and sectors

ימין אורד- חצור הגלילית שלוחת “נחשון”

Address מצודת יואב, ד.נ. לכיש דרום 79532 / קהילה חינוכית מבואות הנגב
Telephone / Fax טל’: 08-6896891 פקס: 6896892 לפניות מועמדים: 052-8345387, זאב- 052-8345-380, אילנה: 052-8345-384
Year Established 1997
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) $12900 (plus a $200 registration fee) for the academic year. Since the program is part of Masa Israel Journey project, all participants are eligible to apply for a $1000 Masa scholarship and receive more money based on financial need
Registration once a year
Religious Type Religious and Secular zionist
Director דניאל לימור
Contact Person זאב נתיב ואילנה סלע
Percent of English Speakers 0.2
Army Deferments Assistance yes
Special program for Olim? No.

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