Its an English speaking program for post high school graduates. This one year program is a unique experience in education, where Jewish studies are part of a general education experience. Together with Torah studies, classes are given in physical fitness, navigation and familiarization with the terrain of the country. The Mechina, which works together with the Israeli Defense Forces, spends time every month in the army training and learning how to deal with different issues that may arise from serving in the army as a religious Jew.

Special opportunity to integrate with Israeli students and truly come familiar with Israeli culture.

מגן שאול- נוקדים

Address D.N Harei Yehuda 90916
Telephone / Fax Tel:02-996-5150 Fax:02-960-5547
Year Established Sept. 1996
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) 1,100 NIS/Month
Registration Mostly from after Sukkot until Chanukah but we accept all year around too
Religious Type Dati Leumi
Director Rabbi Itamar Cohen
Contact Person Amir Igerman
Percent of English Speakers 0.1
Army Deferments Assistance Yes
Special program for Olim? If there’s enough olim we make a special program for them

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