Kol Ami is a 6 month post high school program – September to February. The program is designed for boys and girls who want to live in a Jewish pluralistic environment together with their Israeli counterparts. Kol Ami attracts young people who want to learn more about themselves and how they can better impact the Jewish communities around the world.


  • Develop Jewish Peoplehood– Formalize the link between Israel’s Jews and Diaspora Jews through their common historical and cultural heritage while inspiring desire for mutual action and commitment to the future.
  • Leadership Development– Grow leadership abilities through self-leadership and the will to lead and serve as a personal example. The students will self-manage themselves and the program by running committees and working on individual and group projects (with the help and guidance of our staff).
  • Improve Public Diplomacy– Train advocates to speak out for Israel. Public diplomacy will stem from a deep knowledge and faith in the importance of the Zionist vision. Students will acquire the tools and the skills to disseminate this knowledge.
  • Solidifying Jewish Zionist identity– Develop a personal identity rooted in the philosophies of some of the greatest Israeli and world leaders. With a broad education and focused study, the students will become leaders with vision and purpose, possessing the resolve and ability to effect real change within themselves and society at large.
  • Love of the Land– Understand Israel geographically and socially by becoming familiar with all sectors of the population engendering the understanding that the pioneer spirit is still very much alive in contemporary Israel.
  • Preparation for Next Step– Practice physical fitness and mental stability for those joining the IDF. For those returning home, identify the challenges within the different Jewish communities and preparing for returning home for meaningful involvement.

The weekly schedule is primarily filled with learning Zionism, Jewish history, philosophy, Hebrew, politics, and Israel advocacy.  Alongside this learning, we partake in many outdoor activities such as hiking, acquiring navigation skills, volunteering, getting to know communities around Israel and more. The program has 2 language options –  Hebrew or English. 

Kol Ami

Website www.kol-ami.co
Address Kiryat Yearim Youth Village (Jersualem area)
Ramat Hadassa Youth Village (Kiryat Tivon)
Email gabi.kolami@gmail.com
Telephone / Fax tel: 054-221-5454
Director  Gabi Grabin
Army Deferments Assistance  Assistance is given to both join and defer from the army.
Special program for Olim? Yes

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