Hadas Chu”l and Midrashit Chu”l

||||Hadas Chu”l and Midrashit Chu”l

Hadas at Midreshet Lindenbaum – http://www.lind.org.il – A unique program, established more than 20 years ago, Hadas is geared toward post-high school observant young women who wish to serve in the IDF in select positions. Hadas participants are offered positions in Zahal in the Educational Corps, Intelligence or the Air Force.

In the Fall of 2015, Midreshet Lindenbaum launched Hadas Chu”l and Midrashit Chu”l, tracks for orthodox, post-high school young women from abroad who wish to serve in the IDF (either as Macha”l volunteers or as new Olot.) This program includes a period of high-level Judaic studies with Israeli teachers and students prior to being drafted.

The program at Midreshet Lindenbaum offers several options for overseas candidates, including: Hadas, an academic year of study, prior to being drafted in the summer, Shana Bet, a 6 month period of study before being drafted, and Midrashit, a 2.5 or 6 month period of study before being drafted. After a period of learning, the length of army service is based on each participant’s legal status in Israel.

Midreshet Lindenbaum maintains contact with parents throughout their daughter’s participation in our program. (Please note that a knowledge of Hebrew, equivalent to an intermediate level of Ulpan, is required for joining this program.) During their service, the young women have an option of living in an apartment together and being adopted by a Kibbutz or an Israeli family.

For more information please see our website http://www.lind.org.il or contact us: Ariel Hurwich Braun – ariel@ots.org.il  or HaRav Ohad Teharlev – mlisrael@ots.org.il or by phone: +972-2-671-0043.

Hadas Chu”l/Midrashit Chu”l

Website www.lind.org.il
Address Midreshet Lindenbaum, 51 Leib Yaffe St., Jerusalem, 9339082
Email mlisrael@ots.org.il arielb@ots.org.il
Telephone / Fax tel: 050-742-1631 (HaRav Ohad Teharlev)
tel: 054-581-4783 (Ariel Hurwich Braun)
Director HaRav Ohad Teharlev
Contact Person Ariel Hurwich Braun
Army Deferments Assistance Yes
Special program for Olim? Yes

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