The Ma’ase Olam – Tzofim program is a revolutionary new approach to gap year for high school graduates aged 17-19 at the start of the program, featuring 11-months of group living, meaningful social action in marginalized communities, and a profound exchange with parallel groups of Israelis. In addition, the program features constant mentorship and guidance, and a groundbreaking educational approach. You will participate in intellectually rigorous seminars where you will learn about the challenges present in Israeli society and the role that members of the Diaspora play in shaping their solutions. The educational program will also highlight topics including practical service techniques, Hebrew study, Jewish philosophy and the history of the Jewish Nation.

גל-עכו, מעשה עולם

Address Achad Ha’am 1, Acco, 24720
Telephone / Fax Tel: 04-981-2381, Fax: 04-981-2381
Year Established 2012
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) 200 NIS per month
Registration October-June
Religious Type Religious and secular
Director Shlomi Castro
Contact Person Gal Zuckerman
Percent of English Speakers 0.2
Army Deferments Assistance It can for Olim depending on time of application

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