The goal of the Mechina is to help the students form an identity through learning and analyzing the components of our identity: Judaism, Zionism, philosophy, democracy, history, Jewish literature, culture, Hebrew etc. In addition the mechinas strengthen ties with the nation and the country through its sites, its people and its past. The mechina also gives guidance and preparation for meaningful service in the IDF

בני ציון

Address המדרשה הישראלית למנהיגות בת”א

‘בני ציון’, רח’ טרומפלדור 40 מיקוד 63425.

Telephone / Fax טלפון:0503353343
טלפון(משרד): 077-2123090
פקס:   077-2123091
Year Established 2006
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) 980 nis per month
Registration Until February
Religious Type Secular and Religious Zionist
Director יובל כאהן
Contact Person נועה
Percent of English Speakers Very low
Army Deferments Assistance Yes
Special program for Olim? No

This listing is provided for informational purposes only. Nefesh B’Nefesh is neither associated with nor endorses/recommends any specific program or institution, its faculty nor what they represent educationally, religiously or politically. It is the personal responsibility of the individual to research each institution, its ideology, political leanings and religious environment before deciding to attend.

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