The Mechina was designed to cultivate students and secular scholars who take active responsibility and influence in society in general and the army in particular. We envision dozens of young people attending the preparatory course the world of Jewish sources and Jewish culture, creating and working in different fields, inspired by the encounter between the world of Jewish origins, Zionism and the values ​​of human dignity.

בינה – תל-אביב

Address מרכז בינה – סמינר אפעל, רמת אפעל 52960
Telephone / Fax טלפון׃ 5342997 03
5342513 03
פקס׃ 5346579 03
Year Established 2006
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) 700 NIS a month
Registration Sep-March
Religious Type Chiloni
Director Lior tal
Contact Person Mor Buchnik,
Army Deferments Assistance Yes
Special program for Olim? Yes

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