Our goal is to raise good sons of Israel of torah and a great belonging to Am Yisrael and the great time in which we live in. Taking responsibility for the future of Israel and torah learning with joy and friends. And down the road to educate towards being part of the Israeli army and integrating into Jewish-Zionistic activity after the service.


Website http://yatir.org.il/
Address כתובת: בית יתיר ד.נ. הר חברון 90402
Email myatir@yatir.org
Telephone / Fax טלפון: 02-9964933, 029961081 פקס: 029964933
Year Established 1991
Cost (Tuition for Israeli) 1200 nis per month
Registration Until the middle of April
Religious Type Religious zionist men
Director הרב הגר לאו
Contact Person  052-790-6713-שי קסטנבואם
Percent of English Speakers 10%-15%
Army Deferments Assistance yes

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