Our Goal is to create a living Bet Midrash, dealing with the question of how to build a better society. We are trying to examine how Jewish tradition and values are relevant to reforming the public sphere in Israel today. We aim to create a cadre of future leaders with an awareness of civic and national responsibilities, suitably trained to sustain social action programs aimed at building a better Israel.


Website http://www.maderet.org/
Address  Moshav Aderet P.O. Box 90, 99850 Israel
Email office@maderet.org
Telephone / Fax tel: 02-992-0080
fax: 02-9921675
Year Established 2001
Registration November-January
Religious Type approximately thirty religious and non-religious 18 -year-old young men and women, from all socio-economic strata.
Director ד”ר שמריהו בן פזי, אסף פרי
Contact Person יעל קרטגינר
Army Deferments Assistance Yes
Special program for Olim? No

This listing is provided for informational purposes only. Nefesh B’Nefesh is neither associated with nor endorses/recommends any specific program or institution, its faculty nor what they represent educationally, religiously or politically. It is the personal responsibility of the individual to research each institution, its ideology, political leanings and religious environment before deciding to attend.

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