In general, released soldiers and Bnot Sherut need to work only 6 months in the past 18 months in order to get unemployment. An additional 6 months are counted from their service (סדיר only) to complete the 12-month requirement.

Vital Work (עבודה מועדפת) – (preferred job in fields which are listed on the BTL website),

Normally Vital Work (עבודה מועדפת) positions must be filled for at least 6 months (4 months in agriculture) within 2 years from the date of release.

For general information regarding unemployment for released soldier and Bnot Sherut, see here. (Non-Corona related)

Many of the positions are related to tourism, hotels and other occupations which may have been frozen affected by the Coronavirus. Here are some specific guidelines referring to Vital Work (עבודה מועדפת):

  • Those who were sent on חל”ת (unpaid leave) for at least 30 days will be eligible for Unemployment from BTL
  • If they have been let go or put on unpaid leave from Vital Work (עבודה מועדפת) job due to Corona and they didn’t complete 6 months of work (150 days), they will have to complete their eligibility period by working the remainder of that amount of time after the Coronavirus is over. Those who work in agriculture need to complete 4 months (100 days) in order to be eligible for Unemployment and will receive the relative amount.
  • The חל”ת (unpaid leave) will not be considered as part of the working period – the 6 months needed (4 months in agriculture).

For general information regarding unemployment, see here. (Non-Corona related)