How to request reassignment to a different position within the army:

  • Fill out Form 55 (55 טופס) which is the official request form to be submitted to the human resources office in your unit (משרד משא״ן)
  • The form must be signed by your direct officer and a high-ranking officer of your unit (with the rank of (סגן אלוף)
  • Along with the form (or on the back of the form), thoroughly explain the reasons why you are requesting to change your job in the army
  • In order to have your request examined as thoroughly as possible, it is recommended to include specific details and elaborate on the reasons for your request.

If you are requesting to move into a combat role, please add the following:

  • For Males: Along with your request form, include the form for enlisting into combat service (טופס הצטרפות ללחימה) and a personal review/recommendation from a commanding officer (חוו״ד)
  • For Females: Along with your request form, include a filled-out questionnaire regarding your preferred combat unit and a personal questionnaire (שאלון עדפות ללחימה ושאלון דיווח עצמי)

All the aforementioned forms can be requested/found at your unit’s Human Resources office

Application Process

All requests are taken seriously and are investigated thoroughly to ensure maximum efficiency. It is important to note that patience is key throughout this lengthy process.