Israel Life

2607, 2021

Jerusalem 31 Year Old Commutes To The Merkaz

8:00 a.m. - It’s Shabbat tonight and we are going out for both meals over Shabbat so we need to go shopping. We go to the bakery to get challah for our Friday night meal and pay 20 shekels for two challot. Additionally, we head over to a local grocery store to buy stuff that we need for the week and items for the salad we will be making for Shabbat lunch. I also buy some chicken wings that I will be making Saturday night for the big college football game that luckily I get to watch because it starts at 7:00 pm Israel time.

2607, 2021

An Olah’s IVF Experience in Israel

I made Aliyah a week after my wedding and joined my husband, a lone soldier who made the move several years before. We met at a wedding in Israel a year earlier and maintained a long-distance relationship for the year leading up to our wedding. It was scary and exciting. I could not have predicted then how vital living in Israel would be for us and for our future family.

2607, 2021

Can I go to College in Israel?

Due to the language difference, many Olim decide to wait until after college to make Aliyah. But did you know there are plenty of higher education options in English in Israel? With plenty of international English-speaking programs and English Literature and English Linguistics offered at most major Israeli universities, there are numerous options for college in English for Olim.

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