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  • Mara Benjamin: A Fairy Tale in the Arava

    Once upon time, a girl from tropical Florida decided to move to the arid Negev desert of Israel to fulfill her dream of living a Jewish life on a kibbutz with her children. She quit her job, sold her mini-van, rented her home and, with the help of Nefesh B’Nefesh, made Aliyah. She found a great job, met and married her true love, watched her children blossom, and has lived happily ever after…

  • From Think Tank to Environmental Consultant

    When Alana Tenzer was a junior at the University of Maryland, she couldn’t wait to study abroad. She was headed to Mount Kilimanjaro, where she would live on the mountain, take part in an environmental research project, and present her findings to the Tanzanian government. But then war broke out and the program was cancelled. […]

  • Jen Maidenberg

    Aliyah was a transformative experience for New Jersey native Jen Maidenberg who moved to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galilee. The mother of three found that moving to Israel, and, more specifically, to a small rural community in the periphery, required her to change her perspective on many things. Although she grew up in New Jersey, living closer to nature has opened her eyes to its beauty and she has now developed a green thumb. Living in the scenic surroundings of Israel’s North allows her to balance that with her role as Chief Marketing Officer at The Trendlines Group, Israel’s leading seed-stage investment and business development organization.