Soldier Aliyah Fund

||Soldier Aliyah Fund

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The Soldier Aliyah Fund was established by Nefesh B’Nefesh in order to assist and support the brave young men and women who choose to serve in the Israel Defense Forces upon making Aliyah. With the support of the FIDF, Nefesh B’Nefesh is able to help Olim soldiers throughout their IDF experience with the following specialized services:

  • Navigating the army bureaucracy
  • Keeping in regular contact and providing emotional support
  • Financial assistance
  • Finding adoptive families
  • Providing hosts for Shabbat and holidays
  • Sending care packages throughout the year
  • Pre- and Post-Aliyah guidanceNefesh B’Nefesh in the IDF
  • Since 2002, NBN has sponsored and supported more than 1,600 Oleh soldiers.
  • During the Second Lebanon War, 187 NBN soldiers served in combat.
  • Currently, NBN has close to 600 soldiers in active duty and National Service.
  • NBN works closely with Garin Tzabar – sponsoring more than 150 soldiers annually.
  • NBN Olim have joined the most elite units in the IDF,
    including: the Air Force, “Matkal” and Navy seals.
  • Over 400 NBN Olim (on average) enlist in the IDF every year.To support the Soldier Aliyah Fund, click here.

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