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Midrash Shmuel

Region: Jerusalem & Surrounding Area
Community: Rechavia
Gender of Students: Boys
Religious Affiliation: Haredi
Grades in School:

Post High School

Percentage of English Speakers: 95%
Dormitory: Yes
Updated: June 2017

Midrash Shmuel is primarily a yeshiva for boys from abroad. The yeshiva is designed to be an intensive, yet balanced environment for the advanced development of its students. As a result it is somewhat flexible to accommodate individual requirements. This applies to both the personal studies and wider development of the student.

Shiurim are all in English.

The Rosh Yeshiva has regular and direct interaction with the students, taking personal interest as they continue in their spiritual growth.

Additionally, Midrash Shmuel has a program called Aliyos Shmuel – for post college graduates or seniors looking to learn at a less intensive or advanced level.


Shiurim are all in English.


Sha'arei Chessed 13, Jerusalem

Phone: 02-566-4822
Parent Contact:

Rabbi Ben Goodman

Parent Contact Email/Phone: