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Jerusalem Sudbury (Democratic School)

Region: Jerusalem & Surrounding Area
Community: Jerusalem
Gender of Students: Co-ed
Religious Affiliation: Pluralistic
Grades in School:


Percentage of English Speakers: 75%
Dormitory: No
Updated: June 2017

Students are encouraged to learn and explore at their own pace and in their own way. The students initiate their own activities, and through these activities acquire basic skills, learn to take responsibility, set priorities, allocate resources and to work with others in a supportive and vibrant community.

Students enjoy full intellectual freedom and free interaction with other students and staff. Through responsibility for themselves and to the democratic management of school they acquire the necessary tools for managing their lives successfully.


There are no special services for Olim.
New Olim may be eligible to receive Ulpan hours through the Ministry of Education.

Special Needs:

Students are given assistance as needed.


21 Mekor Haim St, Jerusalem

Phone: 02-674-9743