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Chorev – Ulpana

Region: Jerusalem & Surrounding Area
Community: Jerusalem
Gender of Students: Girls
Religious Affiliation: Mamlachti - Dati
Grades in School:


Percentage of English Speakers: 40%
Dormitory: No
Updated: June 2017

Academic excellence in both general and Torah studies is the main goal of the school. There are many Torah and science enrichment extra-curricular activities and trips. Bagrut majors offered, include: physics, biotechnology, biology, computer science, and Hebrew literature.

Chorev has consistently been in the top ten high schools in the country for excellence in the Bagrut exams.
Students come from Jerusalem, Modiin area, Beit Shemesh, and Gush Etzion.


Aside from Ulpan hours provided by the Ministry of Education, there are no special services for Olim.

Special Needs:

There are no special services for students with special needs.


3 Shimshon Refael Hirsch St, Jerusalem

Phone: 02-642-1481