Aliyah Benefits

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The Israeli Government offers a wide range of Zechuyot - financial benefits designed to help new Olim with expenses such as health insurance, Hebrew studies, education, housing, customs tax and more. Zechuyot are valid for a limited time period; and individuals with an Israeli background may not be eligible. Read the articles below for more information about your Zechuyot and how best to utilize them.

Taxes in Israel and Overseas

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Whether you are required to file any IRS returns or FBARs depends on your personal circumstances. This article is included on the NBN website to make sure that you know your obligations. It’s important to be aware that you may be pursued in Israel by IRS for taxes, interest, and penalties which could have been minimized or avoided if you considered whether you were obliged to make filings.

Israeli Healthcare System Overview

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Every resident of Israel is insured for healthcare under the National Health Insurance Law, through payment of monthly premiums to the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi). New Olim, Ktinim Chozrim and Ezrachim Olim are entitled to up to one year of free health insurance for the basic level of coverage, if they are not working.

Doing Business in Israel – Advice Based on Personal Experience! Copy

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When considering any business, focus on what you bring to the table -- your background, your skills, your resources, and your competitive advantages. If it does not size up well with the Key Success Factor of the proposed business, save yourself time, money, and effort and consider something that does.