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Hundreds of North American and Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah UnityCoalitionforIsr 30-Jul-05 00:37

Ethiopian man suspected of torture ordered deported from US AccessNorthGeorgia 30-Jul-05 00:27

Also:   Atlanta Ethiopian Immigrant Ordered Out of US -
Also:   Suspected Ethiopian torturer ordered out of US - WIS
Ziggy Marley's countercurrent band on 'Tap' SouthBendTribune 29-Jul-05 23:32

HORN OF AFRICA: IRIN-HOA Weekly Round-up 288 for 23-29 July 2005 Reuters AlertNet 29-Jul-05 22:04

Prime Minister meets opposition leaders 29-Jul-05 21:54

Canada Warns Same-Sex Couples of Legal Risks Abroad 29-Jul-05 21:33

Getting tough Should Liberia's rape crackdown be adopted elsewhere in Africa? BBC 29-Jul-05 21:22

Ethiopian PM, opposition discuss disputed election SudanTribune 29-Jul-05 20:31

Also:   Ethiopia's Meles, opposition meet over election row - ReutersSouthAfrica
Delays in safety nets creating "disaster" - report 29-Jul-05 19:49

Ethiopia's PM meets poll rivals BBC 29-Jul-05 19:17

Ethiopia talks bring hope News24 29-Jul-05 18:12

North Africa holding out DailyNews(subscripti 29-Jul-05 17:33

Ethiopia slams aid gift horse TheSouthAfricanStar( 29-Jul-05 15:06

Also:   US food aid 'inefficient' - Finance24
Also:   Politics-US:Group Slams the 'Iron Triangle' of Food Aid -
Additions from Ethiopia complete Hale family Standard-Examiner(su 29-Jul-05 14:40

US Muslim Activist Broke Libya Sanctions, Aided Murder Plot Bloomberg - 29-Jul-05 13:21

Emancipation episodes Trinidad&TobagoExpre 29-Jul-05 10:48

EU warns of difficulties in aid delivery to Niger BlackBritain 29-Jul-05 07:24

The Ninth Greatest Athlete in SCV History TheSignal 29-Jul-05 06:39

Ethiopian opposition CUD leader says party infiltrated by "spy" SudanTribune 29-Jul-05 06:39

Urban gardens feed families ReliefWeb(pressrelea 29-Jul-05 04:20

UNMEE media briefing notes 28 Jul 2005 ReliefWeb(pressrelea 29-Jul-05 03:32

(Audio) Callers to the VOA audience Hotline program VOA 29-Jul-05 03:21

Lack of finance chokes Ethiopian food-for-work programme: official ReliefWeb(pressrelea 29-Jul-05 03:04

No funds for Ethiopian food programme Independent Online 29-Jul-05 02:15

Crucible for Islamic extremism NewZealandHerald 29-Jul-05 01:55

Need for speed A Red Cross worker in Niger describes hitting the ground running BBC 29-Jul-05 01:45

Kenya detains 42 in probe into northern raid Reuters AlertNet 29-Jul-05 01:26

Ethiopia feeding programme still having trouble Reuters AlertNet 29-Jul-05 00:19

Also:   Millions in Ethiopia feeding programme still having trouble - ReutersSouthAfrica
Dutch Gov't Donates 7.8 Mln. USD to WFP 29-Jul-05 00:09

Ethiopians demonstrate for the fair treatment for the Eight Ethiopian Air force Pilots in Belarus Press Statement 28-Jul-05 23:56

NEBE making preparations to carry out re-election in 15 constituencies Walta 28-Jul-05 23:53

British Empire Inhumane 28-Jul-05 23:33

Ethiopia - Irregularities force re-vote in 15 constituencies AngusReidGlobalScan 28-Jul-05 23:24

Unemployment down, global ranking up Ynetnews 28-Jul-05 22:09

Ethiopia election rows resurface BBC 28-Jul-05 21:31

Ethiopia a 'man-made disaster' News24 28-Jul-05 20:53

RIGHTS-KENYA: In the Aftermath of a Massacre InterPressService(su 28-Jul-05 19:15

Also:   Kenya:In the Aftermath of a Massacre -
Silent crisis of Niger's starving millions YorkshirePostToday 28-Jul-05 16:56

US Urges Stronger Measures Against Sex Abuse by UN Peacekeepers AllAmericanPatriots( 28-Jul-05 16:21

Bon Voyage to Africa's great friend FinancialGazette 28-Jul-05 16:11

Trócaire launches €3 million Africa-wide emergency appeal ReliefWeb(pressrelea 28-Jul-05 14:34

Ethiopia to discuss historic obelisk re-erection with UNESCO People'sDailyOnline 28-Jul-05 12:48

Also:   Ethiopian Delegation Leaves for France to Discuss Axum Obelisk Re -
Ethiopian man pleads guilty to running unlicensed money transfer DatelineAlabama 28-Jul-05 12:31

Review: Writing as a Way of Healing 28-Jul-05 12:13

Fowler Trifecta LAWeekly 28-Jul-05 09:51

በጥቁር አንበሳ ሆስፒታል ሁለት የወንድ ብልት ያለው ህፃን ህክምና ተደረገለት ሪፖርተር 28-Jul-05 08:57

በቤልጂየም የኢትዮጵያ መንግሥት ካውንስለር ኮበለሉ ጦማር 28-Jul-05 08:57

በጅጅጋው የቦንብ ፍንዳታ 13 የመከላከያ ሠራዊት አባላት ተጎድተዋል ሪፖርተር 28-Jul-05 08:57

በለንደኑ ጥቃት የኤርትራ እና የሶማሊያ ዜጎች መሳተፋቸውን ፖሊስ ጠቆመ ሪፖርተር 28-Jul-05 08:57

ኢሕአዴግ 241፣ ተቃዋሚዎች 170 ሪፖርተር 28-Jul-05 08:57

Press Release: "The race is to form a government not by vote but by force" UEDF/CUD 28-Jul-05 08:55

(Audio) UEDF/CUD reject NEBE results and demand reelection in 299 contested constituencies VOA 28-Jul-05 08:55

Ethiopian opposition reject latest election results SudanTribune 28-Jul-05 08:54

Also:   Ethiopia's opposition parties reject latest election results - People'sDailyOnline
CUD,UEDF reject recent results issued by NEBE Walta 28-Jul-05 08:54

Kenyans may lose out on Sudan deals SudanTribune 28-Jul-05 08:02

Goats bring food and development ReliefWeb(pressrelea 28-Jul-05 04:20

Drought a major cause of hardship Reuters AlertNet 28-Jul-05 01:51

Violence in Ethiopia's East Draws Attention to Somalis' Plight 28-Jul-05 00:09

Also:   Violence in Eastern Ethiopia Draws Attention to Somalis' Plight - AllAmericanPatriots(
Ethiopia arrests 25 in bombings that killed 5 27-Jul-05 23:12

A young heroine pays the ultimate sacrifice Ethiopian Review 27-Jul-05 23:06

Nile Source a Mystery 143 Years After Speke 27-Jul-05 22:24

Malaysia`s Petronas lands oil deal in Ethiopia AngolaPress 27-Jul-05 22:05

More injured in new eastern Ethiopia explosion Reuters AlertNet 27-Jul-05 21:56

Police arrest dozens in Ethiopia's weekend grenade attacks ReliefWeb(pressrelea 27-Jul-05 21:46

Also:   Report: Ethiopian police arrest 25 people in connection with - SanDiegoUnionTribune
EU pledges funds to help end hunger 27-Jul-05 21:18

Ruling coalition close to winning disputed polls 27-Jul-05 21:18

Warren Wilson students and local residents in Ghana work together BlackMountainNews 27-Jul-05 21:18

Oxfam: UN Must Stop Niger Food Crisis Ever Happening Again ChristianToday 27-Jul-05 19:54

Aid Delivery Proves a Challenge InterPressService(su 27-Jul-05 19:54

Suspects' east African roots may hold clues BelfastTelegraph 27-Jul-05 19:26

Man with 77 children gives family planning advice in Ethiopia BBC 27-Jul-05 18:51

Ethiopian elders to hand over massacre suspects Mail&GuardianOnline 27-Jul-05 17:25

Also:   State Denies Bomb Suspects Had Kenyan Passports - EA Standard
Also:   Ethiopia to hand over massacre suspects - Standard
Also:   Kenyan massacre suspects to be handed over - Independent Online
HORN OF AFRICA: EU ALLOCATES 8.5 MLN FOR EMERGENCIES AgenziaGiornalistica 27-Jul-05 16:58

€20 million in humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in 27-Jul-05 16:41

Also:   EU provides funds in humanitarian aid for Ethiopia, Eritrea - People'sDailyOnline
Also:   EU gives humanitarian aid to Ethiopia, Eritrea - AngolaPress
Photographer brings refugee’s stories to life MinnesotaDaily 27-Jul-05 15:23

Daily Digest BloomingtonPantagrap 27-Jul-05 15:14

the trouble with emily TorontoStar 27-Jul-05 14:30

Ethiopia announces more results for parliament election People'sDailyOnline 27-Jul-05 10:57

East Africa: a breeding ground for Islamic extremists TheHerald 27-Jul-05 09:27

No outright winner in Ethiopian polls - so far SudanTribune 27-Jul-05 08:50

Stop the hunger horror tour GuardianUnlimited 27-Jul-05 07:39

VIEW: Ethiopia’s struggle for democracy —Berhanu Nega DailyTimes 27-Jul-05 06:53

UK Bombing Suspects Have Somalian Roots, Kenyan Passports 27-Jul-05 06:35

Act On Crime, Bishops Tell Kibaki 27-Jul-05 06:35

MP Protests Over Invasion Nation 27-Jul-05 06:35

11 Ethiopians Arrested Over Marsabit Raid Nation 27-Jul-05 06:35

Ethiopians Defy Gravity Monitor 27-Jul-05 06:17

Kenyans Could Lose Out On Sudan Deals 27-Jul-05 05:59

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