Nefesh B’Nefesh Services

At Nefesh B’Nefesh, we provide you with multiple resources to make your Aliyah experience as streamlined and successful as possible. Below is a brief description of the services we provide

  • Pre-Aliyah
    Guidance & Planning

    We provide you with guidance during the initial stages of your Aliyah planning, including assistance and information regarding:

    • Aliyah rights and benefits

    • The application process

    • Education and community options

    • Assistance with planning and pilot trips

    • Employment counseling and support

    • Israeli citizenship

    • Financial aid

    • Aliyah Flights

    We also offer hundreds of workshops, seminars and events throughout the year across North America and the UK; including employment seminars, retirement workshops, open houses, one-on-one meetings,  and our annual mega events and Aliyah fairs.  Click here to visit The NBN Events Calendar

    Our staff are regularly available to provide you with personal consultations in dozens of locations throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and our pre-Aliyah call center means you can reach us from anywhere, at any time.

  • Aliyah Flights
    & Expedited Processing

    We help you come to Israel with whatever flight option works best for you and your family:

    • Charter flights are specially commissioned El Al flights in which the entire plane is reserved for Nefesh B’Nefesh Olim, with additional guidance and support from NBN staff.

    • Group flights are a block of 30-70 seats with additional guidance and support from NBN staff.  Group flights generally depart from Newark Airport.

    • Designated flights are a block of 3-20 seats on regularly scheduled El Al flights, departing from all North American El Al hubs.

    Making Aliyah together with hundreds of fellow Olim on a charter or group flight is not only an inspiring and emotional experience, but also facilitates more efficient government processing. In cooperation with the Ministries of the Interior and Immigrant Absorption, we developed software to help streamline your Aliyah process by using tablets for inflight processing.

    For more information about Aliyah flight options – click here

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  • Post Aliyah Guidance

    The goal of the Post Aliyah Department is to help Olim acclimate, integrate and thrive in Israel. After you make Aliyah, we continue to provide guidance and resources to help you integrate smoothly and successfully into your community. Post Aliyah Department services include:

  • Post Aliyah Guidance

    • Monthly check-ins
    • Personal meetings that help you navigate your first few weeks in Israel
    • Higher education guidance
    • Matching Olim with helpful volunteers
    • Support system for Bnot Sherut
  • Employment Assistance

    Employment is a key consideration for most individuals who make Aliyah. Our Nefesh B’Nefesh Employment Department is available for personal consultations, conducts seminars for job seekers, and provides you with assistance in the form of:

    • Job searches
    • Information about retraining
    • Business coaching
    • Support in starting your own business
    • Matching you with professional mentors in Israel
    • Employment and networking events

    We post over 200 jobs a month on our LinkedIn and Facebook job boards.

    To learn more about employment in Israel, click here.

  • Events

    We offer hundreds of workshops, seminars and events throughout the year; ranging from employment seminars, integration workshops, tiyulim (hikes), social events, and more.

    Click here to visit The NBN Events Calendar

    Contact us to learn more:

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  • Guided Aliyah

    (Aliyah from within Israel)

    Nefesh B’Nefesh streamlines the citizenship process from within Israel for individuals and families from North America and the UK residing in Israel.

    To speak to a Guided Aliyah adviser, click here

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  • Government
    Processing & Advocacy

    As a new Oleh, you encounter numerous processes upon your arrival in Israel. Our Department of Government Processing & Advocacy can help you with any questions you may have about processes, benefits or any interaction with government agencies and provide guidance with any other element of government assistance.

    For more information about Aliyah benefits, click here.

    For assistance from the Department of Government Advocacy:

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