Our Staff

Donna Horwitz, Director
After Shlichut  in both San Francisco and  Cleveland, Donna completed her dual BA in Economics and Business Management at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She then entered the corporate world as an analyst at one of Israel’s largest insurance companies, Migdal. Looking for quality of life and open spaces led her to the Negev, and to the External Affairs Division at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where she gained a deep understanding of the possibilities and opportunities  that lie in the area. Donna experienced Aliyah twice, first as a 10-year-old from West Orange, NJ to Givatayim and later alongside her husband when he made Aliyah as an adult. Though she has lived coast to coast in the US and sea to sea in Israel, she found her home in the south of Eretz Yisrael. She enjoys sipping coffee on Friday mornings, while watching her kids and dog play against the desert backdrop.


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Naama Zigdon, Employment and Post-Aliyah Advisor
Naama grew up in Chashmonaim, a dati-leumi yishuv located between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, where she befriended many English-speaking Olim.  During her national service,  she worked for one year with the elderly in Be’er Sheva and a second year with the Jewish community in Sydney, Australia. In addition to her role with the NBN Go South team, she is currently completing her MA at Ben Gurion University in the International Program for Israel Studies (ISIP). Naama lives in Be’er Sheva, a city she loves dearly. The two things she cares most about are making connections with Olim & Jews all around the globe, and living and working in the beautiful Negev of Israel.


Racheli Fromowitz-Adler, Social Media and Programs Coordinator

Originally from New York, Racheli made Aliyah after completing high school to serve in Israel’s National Service. Racheli also earned her Bachelors’s degree in Communications and Political Science from Bar-Ilan University. After being a founding staff member in Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Tel Aviv Hub, Racheli moved to Be’er Sheva and curates all programming and social media for the Go Beyond South team.



Moshe Heilman, Pre-Aliyah Advisor
Moshe grew up in New York.  He earned his Masters in Social Work and worked in a number of challenging and rewarding settings.  After taking a year off to learn in Kibbutz Ulpan and in a Judaic College in Jerusalem, he fell in love with Israel and made Aliyah. After 8 years as the Manager of the Pre-Aliyah Advisory Team at NBN, Moshe was happy with the chance to join the Go South Department.  He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 2 children.



Allison Levine Speiser, Career Counselor

Allison grew up in central New Jersey, where she completed her B.A. in Geography at Rutgers University. While in NJ, she worked in both the environmental sciences field as well as Jewish Education. She completed a masters degree in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary of New York before moving to Israel in 2009. After four years of living in the center of the country, Allison moved with her family to a small yishuv about 45 minutes south of Beersheva, where she lives today with her husband and five children.