News from the Negev

Below are links to some of the most important English-language articles to learn about the development of the Negev in recent years.



The World’s Hottest Tourist Destination: The Negev – Israel 21c, 2013

The Negev is Now – Jerusalem Post, 2014

Going off-roading in the Negev – Jerusalem Post, 2015

The Desert Blooms – Tablet Magazine, 2016


How Israel is Re-Writing the Future of Cybersecurity – TechRepublic, 2014

Desert Tech – Can Israel Reimagine Itself In the Negev? – Forbes, 2015

Be’er Sheva’s Big Tech Break – The Jewish Week, 2014

Hi-tech Blooms in the Desert– The Media Line, 2016

50 Startups Founded in Negev in 2016 – Globes, 2017


Making Aliyah to Be’er Sheva – The English Update, 2013

For Liberal Olim, Southern Comfort – The Jewish Week, 2011

Making Aliyah Under Fire – Arutz Sheva, 2014

Healing the South – The Jerusalem Post , 2016


Meet Israel’s Newest Pioneers Settling the Negev Desert – Israel 21c, 2013

 Negev Development 

‘City’ of military training bases is the latest game-changer in southern Israel –, 2016

60 Minutes confirms Jewish National Fund’s investment – Russell Robinson – Times of Israel Blog, 2016

What America Can Learn From Israel’s Peripheral Communities – Forbes, 2017