Negev News

There is so much exciting news constantly coming out of the Negev these days.

In this section, we hope to provide you with great content about the development of the Negev and the roles that English-speaking Olim are playing and the contributions that they are making.

This section includes the following content:

1) “A Day in the Life” –  personal vignettes that will give you insight into the daily lives of extraordinary Nefesh Olim living in the South.

2) “Community Projects” –  examples of Nefesh Olim who have taken on special projects in their local communities through Go South’s Negev Leadership Circle.

3)  “Go South Blog” – various posts by both Olim and staff about all of the happenings in the Negev. 

4) “Negev News” – links to the most important new articles relating to Negev development and settlement.