Go South Physician Program

Putting the Periphery in the Center

In the Tel Aviv area,
4.6 doctors are employed per 1000 persons.

In the South,
there are 2.3 doctors per 1000 persons.

In Tel Aviv, the rate of specialists among doctors in the community is 82%.

In the South, the rate is 58%.

Your Aliyah will IMPACT the medical system of the Negev.

The goal of the Go South Doctors Program is to attract  physicians to the Southern region through direct Aliyah and relocation.

Participating physicians will receive:

A generous financial grant from NBN*
 Assistance with licensing and networking
 Mentorship and guest lectures


U.S., Canadian or U.K. citizenship
Practice medicine at least six months a year in Israel
Live and work in Southern Israel

For more information and to apply: gosouth@nbn.org.il

*Restrictions apply