Which regions are included in Go South?

The Go South program spans from Ashkelon to Eilat and includes several cities, towns, moshavim, and kibbutzim. To view the map click here to see a detailed list of communities that are in the Southern region. Several southern community profiles can be found here. For inquiries as to whether a specific community is included, please contact: gosouth@nbn.org.il.

The top 6 reasons to Go South:

Who is eligible for Go South?

Participation in the Go South program is open to Olim who would otherwise be eligible for Nefesh B’Nefesh assistance, and who have chosen to move to Israel’s South.

What sort of assistance can I expect to receive?

Go South participants will receive a wide range of specially-tailored services and benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Financial Grants
  • Ongoing local support
  • Employment Counseling
  • Pilot Trip guidance
  • Social networking

Is there financial assistance available?

Nefesh B’Nefesh is offering enhanced financial grants to qualified Olim who participate in the program. The grants are based on financial need as well as the Oleh’s Aliyah plan. Go South Olim must demonstrate their desire to make Aliyah to the South of Israel, and their intention for this move to be long term.  Should an Oleh move away from Israel during their first three years of Aliyah, they will be required to return 100% of the awarded funds.

I already filled out a NBN application, but did not fill out the Go South Addendum. What should I do?
Please click here to download the Go South Addendum and when you have completed it send it in to gosouth@nbn.org.il

Should I take a pilot trip?

We strongly believe that a Pilot Trip is one of the most critical tools for planning a successful Aliyah. As such, a Pilot Trip to the South is strongly recommended as part of your Aliyah research. In order to maximize the trip, you should discuss your Pilot Trip dates and itinerary details with Go South staff members and schedule a meeting with them in advance. For assistance in scheduling your Pilot Trip please contact gosouth@nbn.org.il

To get more information or to fill out an application:

Please contact the Go South staff at: gosouth@nbn.org.il for application information click here.