Opportunity abounds in the south. With new industry, the transfer of army operations, and a growing recognition that the Negev may be the last affordable frontier, more and more employment options are opening for Olim who can leverage their English-language skills.

Be’er Sheva, capitol of the south, is the employment hub for the region. Like most other cities, Be’er Sheva is home to both large and small companies, and offers job opportunities in a wide range of fields. Until about a decade ago, the majority of the local businesses were owned and run by small entrepreneurs providing local services. However, with the government’s initiative to further develop the Negev as well as the completion of Route 6 and the railway, and the construction of new industrial parks, an increasing number of large Israeli and international companies are establishing a presence in the south.

Job Search

logoThe main Nefesh B’Nefesh website has tremendous resources on how to best conduct your job search in Israel, including resume-writinginterviewing skillsonline job boards, professional profiles and networking.  

You are invited to visit the online Nefesh B’Nefesh Job Board with over 500 jobs from over 200 companies. Search for potential jobs in various industries, and submit your resume to employers looking for qualified Olim. There is also a Go South Employment Facebook Group that an help you find employment in Southern Israel.


In order to make professional connections and learn about job opportunities, please create a Linkedin profile and join the Nefesh B’Nefesh Linkedin Job Board and Nefesh B’Nefesh Jobs in Israel Facebook group.

English-language job boards post mainly jobs in the Center of the country. Therefore, when looking for jobs in the South, it is important to make local connections and look at local job listings.

NEGEV JOBS is  a classifieds website which was launched in March 2013 as an integral part of the overall development of the Negev region. To date, approximately  900 employers have used the site and have posted more than 1500 jobs including Dead Sea Works, Bezek Online, Yes, McCann Erickson, Baran Engineering and more.The goal of the website is to make a job search  in the Negev quick, pleasant, and free. Listings on Negev Jobs are posted only in Hebrew but they can easily be viewed translated into English using GoogleChrome.

maavarimMAAVARIM is an organization dedicated to employment development in the rural areas of the Negev (Shaar HaNegev, Bnei Shimon, Yoav). Their online job board is updated every day and can be received in a weekly email.


Other local bodies that offer employment services include Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Interior), Moatzot (Regional Councils), and Merkaz Hatziirim (Youth Centers).

Please send your CV to Allison Levine Speiser at Aspeiser@nbn.org.il if you are interested in discussing your employment in the South.   

For some great job search tips, please see the following article on our blog:



There is always a need for English teachers in the public school system at both the elementary and high school levels.  Of course, it will be necessary to ultimately receive an Israeli teacher’s certificate. However, it may be possible to initially start teaching without it. It is important to remember that to teach English in the school system demands a good level of Hebrew language as well. If you are interested in teaching in the public system, please contact Shirley Burg, the Southern inspector of English teaching through the Ministry of Education: sburg9@gmail.com

Tutoring in English is also a viable part time option for Olim, as English is a required course from elementary school through high school. The Wall Street Institute (www.wsi.co.il.) Berlitz (www.berlitz.co.il), and British Council teach business English to adults, and have branches in Be’er Sheva and often hire native English speakers as instructors.

Study programs for foreign students are also flourishing in the Negev, and recently positions opened for our Olim at the new Negev campus of Alexander Muss High School in Israel and at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Ketura.

For Olim who want to work in higher education, Ben Gurion University, Sapir College, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, and Kaye College for Education are institutions located throughout the Negev.

Medical Field

The Negev, more than any other part of the country, is in need of medical professionals.  There are financial incentives for physicians to live and work in the South including significant tax breaks and a 20% salary bonus. All of the health funds have facilities in the South, and there are also professional opportunities in therapeutic settings, residential villages, and senior homes.

Below are the major medical centers in the South:

Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon

Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva

Yoseftal Medical Center, Eilat

Asuta Medical Centers, Beer Sheva

Terem Emergency Clinic, Kiryat Gat

Renewable Energy

The Negev is the center of Israel’s solar industry. And, it is fast become the international leader in energy development. The Eilat-Eilot region has been termed the “new Silicon Vally of Renewable Energy.”

BrightSource Energy – http://www.brightsourceenergy.com/

SunPower – http://global.sunpower.com/

Arava Power Company – http://www.aravapower.com/?langid=2

Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center – http://in.bgu.ac.il/en/solar/Pages/default.aspx


The Negev is experiencing a tourism renaissance. The Lonely Planet recommends Israel’s Negev Desert as the No. 2 tourism destination for 2013. The Negev’s Dead Sea and Eilat have always attracted tourists, and now eco-villages, spa resorts, and even wineries are opening. Mitspe Ramon’s new Beresheet Resort is considered one of the world’s best new hotels. Our Olim, because of their English language skills and international experience are excellent candidates for tourism positions.


Tut Communication and Results Ltd. (http://www.tut-business.co.il/page10/ ) is the official operator of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption’s program called “MAALOT” – which is designed to encourage and support immigrant entrepreneurs.  New immigrants and returning residents are entitled to assistance in establishing a new business during the first ten years from their date of Aliyah. New immigrants are eligible for one-on-one business coaching, assistance in designing a business plan, and for business loans up to 125,000 NIS. Business workshops and courses are also significantly subsidized. Finally, immigrants are entitled to a tax exemption for a period of ten years on all income and asset revenues originated outside of Israel.

For more information about these benefits and to set up a personal business consultation, contact:
Dov Rothfeld

For Olim between the ages of 18-35, there are two organizations that are particularly invested in helping young entrepreneurs in the South:

Merage – http://merage.org.il/

Start-Up – http://startup7.org.il/


Israel’s cyber-security industry has grown from a few dozen companies to more than 200 in just the past three years amid a flood of hacks targeted at the country. The importance of Israel’s activity cannot be underestimated.  The worldwide market for cyber security products and services currently amounts to about $80 billion a year, and Israel accounts for about 10% of this.  This makes Israel a power in cyber-security.  Beer Sheva has been marked as not only the cyber capital of Israel but “one of the most important places in the cyber security field in the world” by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In February 2014, Netanyahu announced the creation of “CyberSpark” in Beer Sheva, which is the only complex of its kind in the world that includes industry leaders, academic research), leading security agencies, educational facilities and human capital specializing in cyber security and national government agencies. CyberSpark will be located in the new Advanced Technologies Park, adjacent to both Ben Gurion University and the new technology campus of the Israel Defense Forces Telecommunications Division.

Fortune 500 companies Lockheed Martin and IBM both announced they would invest in the CyberSpark R&D facilities, joining Deutsche Telekom, EMC, RSA, and many startups at CyberSpark in Beer-Sheva’s new Advanced Technologies Park (ATP) and at BGU. The ATP is a partnership between the City of Beer-Sheva, and BGU and other investors. As Mayor Ruvik Danilovitch has said “From no high-tech jobs in the Negev, Beersheva is becoming a high-tech powerhouse in Israel.”

In addition to the new hi-tech park in Beer Sheva, there is also INTEL in Kiryat Gat, AMDOCS in Sderot, the Netivot Industrial Park and the Omer Industrial Park.

Chemical Industry

The Dead Sea contains rich deposits of minerals and there are major reserves of phosphates in the Negev desert. Together with local technological expertise and innovative industrial processes, these resources are the basis for a large and sophisticated chemicals industry. Dead Sea Works Ltd. (DSW)http://www.iclfertilizers.com/Fertilizers/DSW/Pages/BUHomepage.aspx – is now a major subsidiary of Israel Chemical Industries Ltd. (ICL)http://www.icl-group.com/Pages/default.aspx , a highly integrated and diversified multinational corporation.

In addition, the industrial park at Ramat Hovav, located 12 kilometers from Beer Sheva – http://neot-hovav.org.il/ – houses chemical and pharmaceutical factories including:

Makhteshim Agan (Agrochemical) – http://www.ma-industries.com/

Bromine Compounds (Bromine) –  http://neot-hovav.org.il/en/content.php?cid=20

Teva-Tech  (Pharmaceutical)- www.tevapharm.com


Farmers in the Negev make a tremendous contribution to realizing the vision of developing, settling, and securing the region. The Negev is home to fish farms, olive groves, plantations of many varieties of fruit and vegetable, and many more unusual crops which are selected based on their response to the desert conditions. A unique agricultural research station in the Ramat Negev region is working together with the farmers from the region to develop strains of crops best suited to the Negev’s climate, water resources, and soil conditions, and test new techniques and develop new technologies. Fifty percent of the Israel’s vegetables (especially peppers and tomatoes) are grown in the Arava region of the Negev. The Ministry of Agriculture grants substantial financial assistance to agricultural initiatives in the Negev. In addition to major agricultural initiatives, there are numerous programs available to get a taste of agricultural work in Israel. For example, it is possible to participate in WWOOF Israel and volunteer on a farm in exchange for food and accomadation: http://www.wwoof.org.il/wwoof/wwoof.aspx

Available farming jobs (Hebrew): http://www.israel.agrisupportonline.com/drushim/csv/csvread.pl?mytemplate=tp1


Work from Home

Some Olim find success in jobs that can be done “virtually” from home, in English. Some have even found these positions in advance of Aliyah and continue after their arrival in Israel. For example, Flexjobs.com is a website that aggregates jobs that can be done from home. More and more, jobs are being outsourced – including to Israel…for example, Out Sourcing to Israel is a new website that has jobs in IT, graphics, law, billing, finance, and bookkeeping. Similarly, Greenpoint Global has career opportunities in healthcare, education, law, and publishing.

Below are some examples of fields that can be done from home:

1) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Secretary – http://www.virtualassistantisrael.com/how-and-who-we-hire/

2) Transcription
This work involves listening to and typing up dictation – good transcriptionists are in very high demand. 

Transcription for Everyone (TFE): http://transcriptionforeveryone.com/employment-opportunities

Escribers: http://escribers.com/
3) Education
From postsecondary education to elementary schools, there are opportunities for students to learn virtually. Along with that come opportunities to teach (and tutor) virtually.

Virtual Berlitz: http://www.berlitz-virtual-classroom.eu/

Tomorrow’s Genius:  http://www.tomorrowsgenius.com/

Apass Educationhttp://www.apasseducation.com/
4) Writing and Editing
CIWI is an email list for English speaking writers in Israel. To subscribe, email ciwi-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

This list of Freelance jobs – https://jobmob.co.il/blog/freelance-marketplaces/ – includes many sites specifically for writing and editing.
5) Translation
There are numerous translation companies, some based in Israel and some abroad for people who have mastery of more than one language. The Israel Translators Association – http://www.ita.org.il/  – lists jobs available both for freelancing and agencies.