Israel’s South makes up 60% of the country’s landmass, yet it is currently home to only 8% of the population. With the rapid development of the Negev, the region offers great opportunities for those seeking vibrant & welcoming communities, as well as affordable housing.

The Go South program spans from Ashkelon to Eilat and includes several cities, towns, moshavim, and kibbutzim.

Please note, that only some of these communities are listed below and that as time go on we will expand the list. If you have any questions about the communities listed below, or other communities in the South, please email

Some questions to ask yourself when trying to choose the right community for you and/or your family:

  1. Are you interested in settling in a city, town, moshav, kibbutz?
  2. What type of religious community do you affiliate yourself with? Is there a particular type of synagogue?
  3. What professional fields are you in? Would you be looking for work?
  4. How far are you willing to be from Jerusalem/Tel Aviv?
  5. What is your budget in general and for a home specifically?  Do you plan to buy or rent a home in the beginning?
  6. Will you have a car? If not, how do you plan to get around both within your city/town and to other places you go?
  7. How important is it to you to be in an English-speaking community?