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Yeshivat Sde Yaakov

Yeshivat Sde Yaakov
The yeshiva strives to educate the students to be Torah committed young men who are involved in all facets of Israeli life.
The graduates continue on the Hesder Yeshiva programs or to pre-army mechina programs.

A variety of majors are offered including: physics and communication. Remedial groups are available for students who need extra assistance.

There is a dormitory option.

Many of the students come via an organized bus service from the Lower Galil, Zichron Yaakov as well as surrounding communities.
Area, Neighborhood Sde Yaakov (North צפון)
Grade Levels 7 - 12
Religious Type Mamlachti Dati/Torani ממ"ד / תורני
Gender Boys
Special Needs There are no special classes for students with learning disabilities.
Telephone Number 04-983-1477, 04-983-1544
Fax Number 04-953-5040
Address Tikvat Yaakov, Sdei Yaakov
Name of Principal Assaf Margalit
Name of Vice Principal Rav Barak Levi
Name of Yoetzet/Yoetz Tzila Eshchar
Name of Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Malchai Koffman
Percentage of English speakers 5%
Established in 1955
Tuition 6500 NIS per year (not including dormitory)
Number of students in the school 300
Number of kids on average in a class 25
Special programs for olim There is no assistance offered at present.
Updated June 2010