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Mevo Horon

Mevo Horon, located between Modiin and Latrun, is composed of Dati-Leumi, Chardal and Haredi families. The community was founded in 1970 as a Poalei Agudat Yisrael Moshav Shitufi, a collectively-owned community. After it was privatized during the 1990s, the community built new housing units, which attracted many new residents.

New families move in annually, and there is a waiting list.There is a social activities director who runs programs for all ages groups. There is also a structured system for youth with their own programming director.

Mevo Horon Stats
Region: Modiin & Center - מודיעין ומרכז Climate: Valley/Low mountain
Demographics: Young couples/Young families, Families Medical care:
City Type: Yishuv ישוב Affordability: $$$
Number of families: 350  
Chardal, Dati Leumi, Haredi
Number of English speakers: 3% Population: 2,000
Community contacts:
Akiva Harow

Local Employment
Residents work primarily in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas, with some as close as Modiin. Commuters are able to take the train from Modiin to all Tel Aviv stations.

Education / Youth
Mevo Horon has one Mamlachti Dati Torani (government-run, religiously-focused) elementary school that currently goes to fourth grade, and will add each year to 8th grade. Older elementary school students commute to other schools in the area, primarily in the Nof Ayalon and the Chashmonaim communities. 

Hareidi boys usually attend the elementary school Yesodot, close to Yad Binyamin, and Hareidi girls attend one of the Bais Yaakov schools in the area.

Most high school students dorm outside of Mevo Horon.

Nehora, a Haredi Yeshiva which enables students to receive Bagrut certification in addition to providing intensive Torah studies, is located in the Yishuv. However, most local students do not study there.

Ezra is the only youth group in the moshav.

Most residents in this community have cars. The community has very limited bus service (a few times a day), through the Modiin area to Jerusalem.

Olim Services
Olim can travel to Modiin for Ulpan (Hebrew) classes and Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) services.

Amenities / Services
Mevo Horon has a local Makolet (convenience store), a library and a therapeutic center (including a pool) for children with disabilities. The moshav is dotted with many parks and playgrounds. There is one medical clinic.

The Yishuv invests in its residents by taking them on organized trips and offering community programs.

Community and Religious Life
Mevo Horon has high expectations regarding the religious observance level of its residents. Pre-requisites for acceptance by the community’s Vaadat Klita (acceptance committee), which determines which new families can join the Yishuv, include not having a television set and hair covering for married women. The Yishuv’s rabbi, Rav Yona Dovrat, is very involved in determining what is acceptable both on the communal and individual level, and he interviews each applicant who is interested in joining the community. There is a Kollel within the community. Community Shiurim are given in Hebrew. The Philosophy of HaRav Kook guides the life of the residents.

Real Estate
Housing options in Mevo Horon are very limited.

4-room apartment: 3,500 NIS/month.

140 meter apartment: 1.4 million NIS
230 meter house: 2 - 2.2 million NIS

Updated: January, 2013