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Kiryat Yaakov Herzog / Midrashiyat Noam


Kiryat Yaakov Herzog / Midrashiyat Noam

Kiryat Yaakov Herzog is a well established Yeshiva that offers a strong academic program and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The majors offered include: computers, physics, biology, Israel studies, communications, and a joint program in medicine with the local Meir hospital. The school is situated on an expansive campus complete with dormitories, a dining hall, gym, weight room, music room, science laboratories, and outdoors sports fields.

The large Beit Midrash plays a central role in the life of the Yeshiva. The students spend one Shabbat per month in the Yeshiva. There is a morning Kollel on campus to assist boys with their studies.

The boys are afforded the opportunity to participate in intramural sports teams, a school choir and band. The school has a well appointed auditorium for student gatherings and performances.

Most graduates continue on to the Hesder Yeshiva program.

Area, Neighborhood   Kfar Saba (Raanana & Sharon רעננה והשרון )
Grade Levels   7 - 12
Religious Type   Mamlachti Dati/Torani ממ"ד / תורני
Gender   Boys
Special Needs   There is a resource room teacher but there is no special class for students with learning disabilities.
Telephone Number   09-742-0006
Fax Number   09-742-4463
Address   7-9th grade: 12 Lillenbaum St. 10-12th grade: 12 Rechavat Yisrael Sadan St. 
E-mail or
Name of Principal   7-9th grade: Moti Vilozini Nevo. 10-12th grade:  Rabbi Shmuel Bar Levav
Name of Yoetzet/Yoetz   Shaul Blaichbard 09-7651-328
Name of Rosh Yeshiva   Harav Ezrachi
Percentage of English speakers   25
Established in   1976
Tuition   14,000 NIS per year
Number of students in the school   408
Number of students on average in a class   25
Special programs for olim   Students need to have a good knowledge of Hebrew before they arrive but the school will offer assistance in learning the language. The school is sensitive to the needs of Olim though they have no special programs in place.
Updated   April 2014