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Amit Girls Tzefat, Netiv Ulpanit, Tzefat


Amit Girls Tzefat, Netiv Ulpanit

The Amit Girls’ School in Tzefat is divided into two tracks: the Ulpanit, which puts a large emphasis on Torah learning, and the “New Track,” which accepts girls from a variety of backgrounds. The schools, though sharing a common executive directorship, are housed in separate buildings, each with its own principal and its own characteristics.

The Ulpanit prides itself on being a strong academic and Torah minded school, while also offering many volunteer and extra curricular activities, including projects in the nearby community. The girls all complete their Bagrut (Matriculation) certificate, with close to a 100% success rate. The school directors see a correlation between the academic excellence, and the extensive social and volunteer activities the girls plan and participate in.

The Ulpanit’s Bagrut program includes a choice to major in Biology, Physics, Literature, Eretz Yisrael studies, and soon to be opened Communications. There is a fully equipped science laboratory, and a computer resource room.

The school has one class of girls per grade, allowing for a warm, accepting and embracing atmosphere. The students come from Tzfat and the nearby surrounding area, as well as from the farther Golan and Merom Hagalil yishuvim. The teachers all come from Tzfat, and are dedicated and caring.

There is a “Torah L’Shema” program, which encourages and facilitates further Torah study for those students who are interested. They spend a number of Shabbatot together, and receive extra Shiurim during and after school hours.

Area, Neighborhood   Tzefat (Northern Region - צפון)
Grade Levels   7 - 12
Religious Type   Mamlachti Dati (Torani) - (ממתורני)
Gender   Girls
Special Needs   There is one class for students with severe learning disabilities.
Telephone Number   04-697-1272
Fax Number   04-692-1823
Address   POB 1423, Tzfat
Name of Principal   Harav Yehudah Peles
Name of Yoetzet/Yoetz   Adele Sheffer
Name of Contact Person   Adele Sheffer,
Percentage of English speakers   3%
Established in   2009
Tuition   3,000 NIS per year, all inclusive
Number of students in the school   180
Number of kids on average in a class   26-30
Special programs for Olim   In addition to the Mechanechet, each class has a Madricha (counselor). There are also Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers in the school. They provide students with extra assistance with their studies, and are available for overall support. The school sees Aliyah as an important Mitzvah, and is interested in helping Olim students succeed both academically and socially. The school advisor is a veteran British Olah, who serves as the contact person for the school.
Updated   March, 2012