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Finding Schools for Your Children: An Introduction

How to Search the NBN School Database
This database is designed to facilitate your family's successful Aliyah by helping you research appropriate school options for your children. Since this database is uniquely designed for Anglo Olim, we have listed schools that have at least a 10% student body who come from English speaking homes.
 Schools with less than a 10% English speaking population are included if that is the primary school for that community.

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When searching the database for information about schools, you have several options:
Grade (1st – 12th)
High Schools for English Speakers
Special Education Programs
High Schools with Intervention Programs

Religious Affiliation

  • Mamlachti: Public (non-religious) school
  • Pluralist: Mamlachti schools with Jewish enrichment programs and/or a heterogeneous (religious, traditional and secular) student body
  • Mamlachti Dati: Religious Zionist Public school
  • Mamlachti Dati Torani: Religious Zionist Public school with additional Torah study hours, stricter halachik observance, and an enriched religious environment.
  • Chardal (abbreviation for Charedi Dati-Leumi): These schools are typified by a stringent observance of Halachah coupled with a commitment to religious Zionism.
  • Haredi: Mostly independent schools that adhere to a more right-wing religious philosophy.

To learn more about education in Israel, please go to the Aliyahpedia section of our website and click on the heading for Schools and Education. Amongst other topics, you will find information about educational consultants, educational issues in  Israel, and a school vocabulary list and questions to utilize at a school interview. Those who are seeking out special education resources can also find information in the aliyahpedia under the heading Special Education & Disability Resources. All of these resources will help to empower you to identify the correct schools for your children.

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