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Making Aliyah as a student has many advantages, including the opportunity to acclimate to Israeli culture, study in Hebrew and build up a network of friends and professional contacts. All these factore will help to boost your career after you graduate and join the Israeli work force. The Israeli Government covers the full cost of tuition for an undergraduate degree (for new Olim under 27) or a graduate degree (for new Olim under 30), within 3 years of Aliyah and at recognized programs (provided you do not have this degree from abroad). This financial benefit is a tremendous incentive to study in Israel. See the articles below for more information about programs, applying for assistance from the Student Authority and more. For further information, email: (pre-Aliyah) or (post-Aliyah).

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1 Student Authority Tuition Benefits 816
2 Step-by-Step Overview the Aliyah Process & Planning 143264
3 Summer Ulpanim 4989
4 English-Language University Programs 21716
5 University and College Programs in Israel 31730
6 Application Options 241889
7 Making Aliyah as a Student 23913
8 Applying for Assistance from the Student Authority 26420
9 Should I Go to College in Israel? 19211
10 Recognition of High School Diplomas 7590
11 Scholarships and Loans for University and College Students 10807
12 Recognition of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees 26806
13 Volunteer Programs 26924
14 TAKA: The Pre-Academic Program 11671
15 Psychometric Exams, SAT Exams and Preparatory Courses 19101
16 University Mechina 8203
17 University Subsidies for Teen Olim 5725
18 Internship Programs 17805
19 Scholarship Fund for Canadian Students 6172
20 Yeshiva University's Rosenbaum Aliyah Incentive Fund 8835
21 GED Courses 5202