Post Aliyah Guide: New Olim

The steps below will guide you through your first few weeks after Aliyah. You will find a list of what to expect, which offices to visit, and which documents to bring as you obtain your Israeli documentation and begin your life in Israel.

For more information on the Aliyah Rights & Benefits for Olim Chadashim, click here.

At Ben Gurion airport you will be processed by two different government offices. The first office will be Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) where you will be processed as an Oleh Chadash, from there you will be directed to the Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) where you will be issued a temporary 3-month Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card)* Please make sure to visit both offices and to bring all of the relevant documents to each. Below you will find the requirements for each office.

What to expect: 

Upon presenting your passports at passport control, clearly state that you are making Aliyah. All family members making Aliyah must be present.

  1. After going through passport control, you should be directed upstairs to Misrad Haklita. Upon completing your paperwork at Misrad Haklita and Misrad Hapnim, you may collect your luggage.

Step 1. Misrad Haklita

What you need:

  1. Foreign passports with valid Aliyah visas from the Israeli Consulate in your country of origin.
    NOTE: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry.
  2. Arrival form from Nefesh B’Nefesh.

What you get:

  1. tudat_oleh_s Teudat Oleh ( תעודת עולה – Oleh booklet ) from Misrad Haklita (משרד הקליטה – Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.)
  2. Mispar Zehut ( מספר זהות – Israeli Identity Number ) ( Page 2 of your Teudat Oleh )
  3. Registration for Kupot Cholim (קופת חולים Health Fund). If you do not register for health insurance at the airport, you will receive a voucher for enrollment in a Kupat Cholim See box #2, Health Insurance.
  4. First cash payment of Sal Klita ( סל קליטה – Absorption Basket ) to those who are eligible.
  5. Transportation voucher for a free taxi ride from the airport to anywhere in Israel. (The Misrad Haklita clerk should direct you to the taxi stand once you have finished your paperwork and retrieved your luggage.)
  6. “Note of Future Bank Account” to be stamped by your Israeli bank when you open an account and to be shown to your local Misrad Haklita. See box #4, Opening a Bank Account.
  7. Document to be presented at Misrad Hapnim ( משרד הפנים – Ministry of Interior). See step 2, Misrad Hapnim. Please note: if you have an Israeli ID number, you will not need this document.

Important notes:

  1. Misrad Haklita does NOT deal with changing your name (e.g. from Elliot to Avraham). This is done at Misrad Hapnim.**
  2. If you are a Katin Chozer( קטין חוזר – Returning Minor), were previously an A-1 Temporary Resident with a Teudat Zehut ( תעודת זהות – Israeli Identity Card ) or an Oleh B’Shenit – עולה בשנית, your Teudat Oleh will not be issued at the airport and you will not receive the initial payment of the Sal Klita. However, you will receive the transportation voucher at Misrad Haklita

Misrad Haklita in the Airport: 03-975-4422

Stage 2: Misrad Hapnim (משרד הפנים)
You will be directed from the Misrad Haklita office to the Misrad Hapnim office.

What you need:

  1. Teudat Oleh.
  2. Passports of all family members (from country of origin).
  3. 2 identical passport pictures for all adults over the age of 16.
  4. The original copies of your Civil Marriage / Divorce / Death of Spouse certificate.
  5. The original copy of your Proof of Judaism – ( אישורי יהדות – Ishurei Yahadut )
  6. The original copy of your Conversion Papers – if applicable.
  7. The original copies of Birth certificates for all family members.
  8. Document received from Misrad Haklita at the airport.

What you get:

  1. A temporary 3-month Teudat Zehut. Click here for more information on how to apply for your permanent biometric Teudat Zehut.

*Please note that this process can take time, please be patient and know that this will save you going to the local branch of Misrad Hapnim and issuing your Teudat Zehut there.

People making Aliyah on a Nefesh B’Nefesh charter flight DO NOT receive their Teudot Zehut at the airport; They will be distributed shortly after arrival according to the instructions from Nefesh B’Nefesh.

**Name changes are done at the Oleh’s local branch of Misrad Hapnim, except for people making Aliyah on a Nefesh B’Nefesh group flight who can complete their name changes at the airport.

As an Oleh, you are entitled to up to twelve months of free health coverage if you are unemployed or retired. Before choosing your specific Kupat Cholim, ask friends in your neighborhood which Kupah in your area has the best reputation and services. Information about switching Kupot Cholim can be found here.

Registering for a Kupat Cholim is done at the airport. If you do not sign up at the airport, you can also register at the post office and at your local Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) office. Bring the voucher, pay the fee and have the voucher stamped. Please note that if you did not register for your health insurance within the first 90 days after Aliyah (at the airport, Misrad Haklita or at the post office) you will have to go to your local branch of Bituach Leumi in order to register.

What you need: 

  1. Health insurance voucher (received at Misrad Haklita in the airport).
  2. Teudat Oleh.
  3. You will pay a nominal fee per adult. Children are registered for free.
  4. Bring the stamped voucher to the local office of the Kupat Cholim of your choice.

What you get:

Temporary health insurance cards for each member of the family. You will receive the official cards via mail.

Important notes:

If you or your spouse holds prior Israeli citizenship, you were A-1 temporary residents in the past, or if you are an Oleh B’Shenit, visit your local branch of Bituach Leumi (ביטוח לאומי) – National Insurance Institute to register for health insurance.

In order to open a bank account, both spouses must be present (if applicable). If you are married, you must open a joint account in order to receive Sal Klita payments as a family. You must make an initial deposit; Misrad Haklita is unable to transfer Sal Klita payments to an inactive account.

What you need:

  1. Your Teudat Oleh
  2. Your Teudat Zehut (if you do not have one yet your Teudat Oleh should suffice).
  3. Passport (from country of origin).
  4. Cash, credit card or check to make a deposit into your new account.
  5. “Note of Future Bank Account” received at the airport.
  6. US citizens will be requested to provide their Social Security number and complete a W-9 form

What you get:

  1. Bank account number.
  2. Instructions for online banking.
  3. “Note of Future Bank Account” gets stamped; retain this paperwork for Misrad Haklita.

What to expect:

Checks from abroad usually take 3 to 4 weeks to clear.

What you need:

Call your local branch of Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) Offices to schedule an appointment in advance with a personal Klita counselor.

Bring your:

  1. Teudat Oleh.
  2. Teudat Zehut.
  3. Form stamped by your bank upon opening your bank account, stating that money has been deposited.

Ktinim Chozrim and Ezrachim Olim should bring their Israeli passports as they will sign up for health insurance at this meeting.

What you get:

  1. Sal Klita: Confirm on what dates the payments will be deposited into your bank account.
  2. Registration vouchers for Ulpan.
  3. Password for online account. This account can be used to view your Sal Klita payments, update personal information and learn about your benefits.
  4. Advice on Oleh resources in your neighborhood.
  5. Information regarding tuition assistance, if applicable. Contact the Student Authority ( Minhal Hastudentim – מינהל הסטודנטים ) at Misrad Haklita for more information. Applying for Assistance from the Student Authority

Misrad Haklita General Information
Misrad Haklita Branches:

The Israeli government has implemented changes to ease the transfer of foreign driver’s license.

Olim, who meet certain criteria, can obtain any Israeli driver’s license without the need for an eye exam, doctor’s exam and practical driving test.

Olim who are within 3 years of Aliyah, have proof of 5 years of consecutive driving on a full foreign license, are under age 70 and have failed the conversion test fewer than 2 times in the past are eligible to convert their license in the new expedited process.

In order to obtain your license, you must go to an optical store affiliated with Teldor of Femi-Premium, with your Teudat Zehut, to receive your Tofes Yarok. Afterwards, you must go to Misrad Harishui where you will apply for a temporary driver’s license. The following day you will return to Misrad Harishui to pick up your temporary license (this step cannot happen in one day). Your temporary license is not valid until you go to the office and pay the fee.

*For full information regarding the driver’s license conversion process, please click here.

dlOlim must present a valid foreign driver’s license issued at least 3 months prior to entry into Israel.
Misrad Harishui: *5678 Misrad Harishui website:
Licensing information and Misrad Harishui locations:

If you plan to work in the public sector, for example in the government or the school system, you must first have your diploma(s) accredited officially by Misrad Hachinuch (משרד החינוך – Ministry of Education). This accreditation process will also determine the salary and rank appropriate to your degree.

What you need:

Bring originals and copies of the required documents to Misrad Hachinuch. A complete list of the required documents can be found on our website.

Misrad Hachinuch website:
NBN Information Regarding Degree Recognition:

Olim are entitled to ship appliances and belongings for personal use from abroad, without incurring customs fees. In order to release your shipment you will need to open a file with the Customs Authority. Nefesh B’Nefesh can assist you with this process, please contact with a copy of your Teudat Oleh and request to open a customs file. We will notify you once your file is open. We recommend that you open a file regardless of if you are shipping a container at the time, or not. This will save time if you do decide to bring a shipment at a later date.

Find the complete Nefesh B’Nefesh Shipping Guide here.

If you are releasing your shipment ‘door to door’ please provide your shipping company agent with the following (in addition to the above):

  1. Foreign passport with your Aliyah visa stamp or Israeli passport (if applicable).
  2. Teudat Oleh
  3. An apartment contract (ownership or rental) for proof of maintaining a household.
  4. Shipment number.
  5. Inventory list.

If you are not shipping ‘door to door’ you will need to provide the above documents directly to the customs office.

What to expect:

  1. When sending your shipment, be sure to find out its estimated date of arrival.
  2. There may be additional costs involved in releasing a shipment, unrelated to customs fees. Please check with your shipper.
  3. Depending on the arrangement you have with your shipper, you may have to go to the port, meet the customs agent and arrange release of the shipment. Your shipment may be opened by customs to verify its contents.
  4. Remember that your final status will be clarified only after opening a file with the Customs Authority. We recommend that you NOT ship a container from abroad before there is a final decision about your status.

If you were an A-1 temporary resident in the past you may be asked to present the following documents:

  1. Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card).
  2. Old or new Teudat Oleh.
  3. Current passports.
  4. All original documents provided to your Shaliach (old Teudat Oleh and all passports since you left Israel as a temporary resident).
  5. Tamzit Rishum Murchav from Misrad Hapnim.
  6. Transcript from Misrad Hapnim with entries and exits.
  7. Signed declaration from the Beit Mishpat HaShalom (Courthouse) that you did not use car benefits in the past.
  8. Your spouse’s passport and Teudat Zehut (if applicable).

Customs Authority website.
Customs Inquiries:

See the following link for detailed information on how to register your child for school.
Misrad Haklita helps you become acclimated to life in Israel by offering 5 months of free Ulpan (Hebrew immersion
classes). You are eligible to receive the subsidy for Ulpan within the first 18 months following your date of Aliyah.

What you need:

  1. For a list of recognized Ulpanim in your area, please see the Nefesh B’Nefesh Ulpan Directory.
  2. At Misrad Haklita, you will receive a voucher for an Ulpan in your area. Bring the voucher to the office of your chosen Ulpan and register. The Ulpan staff will inform you when classes start. You will be given a placement exam at the Ulpan.

A minimum number of students must register for a class before it can open. If the course you need is not available locally, you have the option to attend Ulpan in another community.
NBN Ulpan Directory:
Misrad Haklita website:

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) is the main instrument of social security in Israel. It subsidizes the different Kupot Cholim and provides child allowances, income support, pensions and workers’ compensation.
Child Allowance – קצבת ילדים – For Kitzvat Yeladim
Kitzvat Yeladim is a monthly stipend received by all residents of Israel from the government based on the number of children you have up to age 18 who are living in Israel.Once you visit Misrad Haklita, your child allowance should automatically be deposited into your Israeli bank account.Please make sure to check your account two months after Aliyah. If you have not received your child allowance, please check with Bituach Leumi.For any children born after Aliyah, submit the claim for child allowance in the hospital in which they are born.

What you need:

  1. Teudat Oleh.
  2. Teudat Zehut.
  3. Birth certificate for each child.
  4. Bank account number and a letter confirming that you and your spouse share a joint account.

Bituach Leumi website:

All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona. Tenants are obligated to make these payments which are calculated based on the size of the residence. Olim are granted a discount on Arnona (for up to 100 m2) during one of their first two years in Israel. The rate of the discount is determined by your local municipality.

What you need:

  1. At the municipality, present your Arnona bill, rental contract, Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut
  2. Bring a reading of your water meter, since the previous tenant will be charged for past usage.
  3. Purchase receipt.
  4. Foreign passports for both spouses.
  5. An apartment contract (ownership or rental) for proof of maintaining a household.

Important notes:

  1. The request for an Oleh discount may have to be repeated after January 1st.
  2. The Arnona reduction is not granted to Ktinim Chozrim, or if you spent a significant amount of time as an A/1 temporary resident in the past and do not have a new Teudat Oleh.
  3. It is important to deal with the Arnona bill soon after your arrival, since the discount is not retroactive.

NBN Listing of Arnona Reductions by City:

For the first 120 days from your Aliyah date you can enter and exit Israel with your foreign passport. After this time you are required to travel abroad with an Israeli passport. You can first apply for your Israeli passport 90 days after your Aliyah date.

When traveling abroad, make sure to have both your Israeli passport and foreign passport available. Leave and return to Israel using both documents, but enter your country of origin using your foreign passport only. For example, if you are a Canadian Oleh, exit Israel using both your Israeli passport and your Canadian passport, but enter Canada using your Canadian passport only.

As soon as you start to plan an overseas trip, apply for your Israeli passport at your local branch of Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior). The average time it takes to receive a passport is approximately 7 business days. However, this process can take longer during official Israeli holidays such as Pesach and Sukkot.

Make sure to request an Israeli passport well in advance.


  1. You can only apply for the passport 90 days from your Aliyah date. Do not try going to Misrad Hapnim before the 90 days are up as they will not allow you to apply.
  2. If you are traveling abroad and leave Israel within 120 days but return to Israel after the 120 days, you are entitled to travel on your foreign passport. When you return to Israel, apply for an Israeli passport.
  3. Since it takes 7-10 days to receive your Israeli passport, we strongly recommend you apply as soon as you reach the 90 day mark from your Aliyah date. This will avoid the situation of traveling too close to the 120 day limit and will ensure that you have your passport in time.

Applying for an Israeli Passport
Once you submit a request, the passport will be mailed to the home address that appears on your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card). Make sure that Misrad Hapnim has your current address.

What you need:

  • Teudat Zehut.
  • Foreign passport.
  • 2 identical passport pictures for each family member.
  • Processing fee (cash/credit card or bank check); you can obtain a reduction if you fill it out online.

All family members requesting a passport (including children) must be physically present at Misrad Hapnim. Once you submit a request, the passport will be mailed to the home address that appears on your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card). Make sure that Misrad Hapnim has your current address.

For more information, see: Obtaining an Israeli Passport

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