Post Aliyah Guide: Aliyah from within Israel

||||Post Aliyah Guide: Aliyah from within Israel

Congratulations on your Aliyah! Click below for information about the next steps to take, as an Israeli citizen.

NBN’s Guided Aliyah Department will contact you once Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) schedules a meeting date at the NBN office in Jerusalem. If you are unable to attend the meeting with Misrad Hapnim at the NBN office, please contact the Guided Aliyah Department at 02-659-5820 or for further instructions.

What you need:

1) Foreign passport, valid for at least six months from your Aliyah date.
2) Original proof of Judaism (a letter from a recognized Rabbi abroad stating that you are Jewish and born to a Jewish mother, or if you converted to Judaism, your conversion certificate as well as a letter from the Rabbi with whom you studied for your conversion).
3) Original birth certificate – both parents’ names must appear on the birth certificate.
4) Original civil marriage/divorce/death of spouse certificate. Please note that these documents may require apostille certification.
5) Original Teudat Yosher – An original police clearance from the authorities in your country of origin with apostille certification, or if applicable a signed declaration from an Israeli lawyer.
6) Copy of exit and entrance form.

As part of the application process you will be asked to submit copies of the above documents to NBN. Please retain the originals for your meeting with Misrad Hapnim – they do not accept photocopies.

What to expect:

1) Brief meeting with Misrad Hapnim where you will present your original documents and sign paperwork.
2) If you wish to change your name, you will have the opportunity to do so at this meeting.
3) You will be asked to give your passport to the clerk only for the time while your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card) is being processed. You will receive your passport with Aliyah Visa and Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card) back at that same meeting.

What you get:

1) A temporary 3-month Teudat Zehut. (Click here for information about applying for your permanent Teudat Zehut).
2) Oleh visa – the visa will say “Teudat Oleh,” not to be confused with the Teudat Oleh (Benefit Booklet) which you may be eligible to receive from Misrad Ha’aliyah V’haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration).
3) Tamzit Rishum – a summary of personal details with Misrad Hapnim (you may need this for future post-Aliyah steps).
4) Documentation of your name change, if applicable.
5) Entry and exit form for the past seven years. This may be used at Misrad Haklita.

In order to open a bank account, both spouses must be present (if applicable). Married Olim must open a joint account in order to receive Sal Klita payments as a family. A deposit must be made upon opening the bank account as Misrad Haklita cannot transfer Sal Klita payments to an inactive account. Please note that some banks may require you to present a Teudat Oleh in order to be eligible for the bank’s Oleh discount.

What you need:

1) Teudat Zehut
2) Passport (from country of origin).
3) Cash, credit card or check to make a deposit into your new account. US citizens will be required to provide their social security number and complete a W-9 form.

What you get:

1) Bank account number.
2) Instructions for online banking.
3) Opening statement with your bank account number and branch details – you will need this to arrange Sal Klita payments with Misrad Haklita.

Note: You will need to present a deposit slip to Misrad Haklita to prove your account is active. Misrad Haklita cannot transfer payments into an inactive account. If you already have an Israeli bank account, contact your bank directly regarding your change in status.

What to expect:

Checks from abroad usually take 3 to 4 weeks to clear.

Important Note: If you have resided in Israel for more than 5 years prior to making Aliyah, you will still need to schedule an appointment for information on your rights and benefits. If either spouse held prior Israeli citizenship, the Oleh held an A-1 temporary visa in the past, or if the Oleh holds the status of Oleh B’Shenit, you will register for health insurance at your meeting with Misrad Haklita, NOT the post office.

Your local branch of Misrad Haklita may call you to schedule an appointment to activate your benefits and get your Teudat Oleh (benefits booklet). However, there is no need for you to wait to hear from them to schedule your appointment. Olim must schedule an appointment at their local branch of Misrad Haklita after they receive their Teudat Zehut. Make sure to state that Aliyah was made through Misrad Hapnim and NOT on a flight from abroad. The Misrad Haklita can also be reached by calling 03-973-3333.

What you need:

1) Teudat Zehut.
2) Foreign passports for the past 7 years – this is where the entry and exit form may come in handy.
3) Bank account information, if the Oleh will be receiving Sal Klita
4) Deposit receipt from the bank.
5) One passport picture for each adult.
6) If the Oleh served in the IDF, did Sherut Leumi, participated in a MASA-sponsored program, or studied in an Israeli recognized higher education college or university, bring the relevant certification stating that the program was completed so that this time is not counted against eligibility for Oleh benefits.
7) Former A-1 temporary residents will be asked to present additional documents. This should be mentioned to the Misrad Haklita when scheduling the meeting and they will elaborate on what is required.

What you get:

1) Teudat Oleh.
2) Schedule of Sal Klita payments (if applicable)
3) Information regarding Oleh benefits including Ulpan, tuition assistance, etc.
4) Ulpan voucher specific to the Ulpan of your choice
5) At this meeting Olim can and should request a password to the “Klita Online” service. This website provides a wide range of information about the Oleh’s personal benefits (Sal Klita payments, etc.)

For a complete list of your Aliyah benefits, based on time spent in Israel prior to Aliyah, please click here.

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) is the body responsible for the payment of various pensions and allowances to Israeli residents. It is also the office responsible for subsidizing the different Kupot Cholim.

Olim who are not working in their first twelve months, or who are retired, may be exempt from paying the obligatory contribution to Bituach Leumi that all residents pay from the age of eighteen. Olim who are working have their contribution taken automatically from their salary.

Health Insurance:

Olim should network with people in their neighborhood before choosing a Kupat Cholim in order to find out which health fund has the best local reputation and service. Once enrolled, Olim can only switch Kupot at specific dates each year. Check the NBN website for detailed information about switching Kupot Cholim.

Olim who have not been registered with an Israeli insurance company until now can register for health care at their local post office.

Olim who have already been registered and are paying Bituach Leumi will need to inform Bituach Leumi in person of their change in status.

What you need:
1. Money to pay a nominal fee per adult. Children are registered for free.

What you get:
Olim will leave the post office with a receipt of registration form. This form must be taken to the local Kupat Cholim administrative office 7-10 days after registering for health care in order to receive a membership card (Note: At this point Olim can also register for supplemental insurance, if desired). The registration from can be used in order to see a doctor between the time of registering and visiting the administrative office. It is recommended that children of all ages register for supplemental health insurance through their Kupat Cholim. Registration within the first 90 days of Aliyah exempts Olim from any waiting period to benefit from the services supplemental plans offer.

Important Notes:
1. If the Oleh was registered with Bituach Leumi before making Aliyah, he or she will not be entitled to the benefit of free health insurance.
2. If 90 days have passed since your Aliyah date, you will need to register at your local Bituach Leumi office and NOT the post office.
3. If either spouse held prior Israeli citizenship, the Oleh held an A-1 temporary visa in the past, or if the Oleh holds the status of Oleh B’Shenit, you will register for health insurance at your meeting with Misrad Haklita, NOT the post office.
4. Ezrachim Olim and Ktinim Chozrim will register for health insurance either in their local Misrad Haklita office or their local branch of Bituach Leumi.

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) offers Kitzvat Yeledim (child allowance), a monthly stipend to all Israeli citizens based on the number of children under the age of 18 in their family. You are eligible for this benefit immediately following your Aliyah.

Each child who is eligible for the monthly child benefit will have a savings account* opened in his or her name. Bituach Leumi will put 50 NIS into the account per month and parents have the option of matching that amount with 50 NIS, which will be taken from their monthly child allowance. Parents have 6 months to select a savings plan, which can be done online (in Hebrew, from the Bituach Leumi website) or in person at your local Bituach Leumi branch.

Olim should check their bank accounts two months after Aliyah. If the child allowance has not been received, please contact Bituach Leumi.

For more information: WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/CHILD-BENEFIT
Bituach Leumi:

*Please consult your accountant if you have any questions about possible foreign tax implications of this savings account.

Misrad Haklita helps you become acclimated to life in Israel by offering five months of free Ulpan (Hebrew immersion classes). Olim are eligible to receive the subsidy for Ulpan within 18 months following their date of Aliyah. Misrad Hapnim can confirm eligibility for this benefit.

Refer to the Nefesh B’Nefesh Ulpan Directory for a list of recognized Ulpanim.

Olim should bring the voucher they received from the Misrad Haklita (step 3 above) to the office of the chosen Ulpan in order to register. The Ulpan will provide the course details and administer a placement exam.

There is an option to attend an Ulpan in a different city if the appropriate course is not available locally.

Note: Olim who lived in Israel for more than five years in the seven prior to their Aliyah date are not entitled to this benefit.

Olim have the benefit of receiving a customs exemption on three import shipments of household goods within three years of Aliyah. Olim are also benefited with reduced customs fees on the import of their car or purchase of a new car.

A file needs to be opened with the Customs Authority in order to take advantage of this benefit. Your file will be automatically opened within one week from your Aliyah date according to Misrad Haklita (תאריך קבלה מעמד). This date will be determined after your visit to Misrad Haklita (Step 3 above)
Olim should email with a copy of their Teudat Oleh and a request to open the file. Nefesh B’Nefesh will take care of opening the file with the Customs Authority.

Postal Packages:
An Oleh who is entitled to this customs benefit may consider sending a postal package, containing household items only, as a customs-exempt shipment. Read more about sending postal packages here: WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/POSTALPACKAGES

Customs Authority: TAXES.GOV.IL/CUSTOMS
For more information please refer to WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/SHIPPING

The Israeli government has implemented changes to ease the transfer of foreign driver’s license.

Olim, who meet certain criteria, can obtain any Israeli driver’s license without the need for an eye exam, doctor’s exam and practical driving test.

Olim  have 5 years from their Aliyah date, ti complete the conversion process from a foreign to an Israeli drivers license. An Oleh is entitled to drive on a foreign driver’s license up to one year from the last entry date, following one full consecutive year abroad.


Please note:
Olim who already have an Israeli drivers license must visit their local branch of Misrad Harishui with their Teudat Zehut and Tamzit Rishum in order to issue a new license bearing the Mispar Zehut. To make an appointment visit:!/home/provider/29

*For full information regarding the driver’s license conversion process, please click here.

dlOlim must present a valid foreign driver’s license issued at least 3 months prior to entry into Israel.
Misrad Harishui: *5678 Misrad Harishui website:
Licensing information and Misrad Harishui locations:

All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona (Municipal Taxes). Tenants are obligated to make these payments, which are calculated based on the size of the residence. Olim are granted a discount on Arnona (for up to 100m2) during one of their first two years in Israel. The rate of the discount is determined by the local municipality. A 12 month apartment contract or proof of ownership must be presented together with a Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut in order to receive the discount.

Olim who lived in Israel prior to their Aliyah must confirm their eligibility with Misrad Haklita.

Important notes:
1. The request for an Oleh discount may have to be repeated after January 1st.
2. The Arnona reduction is not granted to Ktinim Chozrim or to Olim who spent a significant time in Israel on A-1 temporary visas in the past, and do not have a new Teudat Oleh.
3. It is important to deal with the Arnona bill soon after Aliyah since the discount is not retroactive.
4. For Olim who live in shared apartments, the discount is on the Oleh’s share of the apartment only.

For a list of Arnona reductions by city, click here.

What you need:

1) Your child’s Mispar Zehut.
2) Documentation showing your place of residence (such as a rental agreement or bill).
3) For elementary school registration: Most recent report card, immunization history, and sometimes a letter of recommendation from the previous school.
4) Teudot Zehut of both parents (except in cases of Split Aliyah).

What to expect:

Nursery and kindergarten:

1) Registration for public Gan is done through the Iriyah (עירייה – Municipality) in the Machleket Hachinuch (מחלקת החינוך – Department of Education), usually in January through March. Check with your municipality.
2) Your child will be assigned a class based on your residence and religious orientation.
3) Private Gan registration is done through the Gan itself.

Public elementary school:

Also done via the local Machleket Hachinuch in February and March.

Grades 7-12:

1) These schools are not district bound; therefore you can choose to send your child to a school anywhere in the country.
2) Registration takes place November through December.
3) Contact the schools you are considering directly to find out what documents they need.

All children in grades 1-12 are entitled to Ulpan hours at their school. Contact your child’s school directly for more information.

If you have difficulty registering their child/ren for school, email


Olim are entitled to ship appliances and belongings for personal use from abroad without incurring customs fees.

What you need:

1) Foreign passport with an Oleh visa inside (Israelis have to present their Israeli passports).
2) Spouse’s passport, where relevant.
3) Teudat Zehut AND Teudat Oleh.
4) An apartment contract (ownership or rental) for proof of maintaining a household.
5) Shipment number.
6) Inventory list.
7) Official letter from the IDF which indicates your Mahal service dates, if applicable.

What to expect:

1) When sending your shipment, be sure to find out its estimated date of arrival.
2) There may be additional costs involved in releasing a shipment, unrelated to customs fees. Please check with your shipper.
3) Depending on the arrangement you have with your shipper, you may have to go to the port, meet the customs agent and arrange release of the shipment. Your shipment may be opened by Meches to verify its contents.

Olim are entitled to travel abroad on their foreign passport which contains their Aliyah visa for three months after Aliyah. After three months, an Israeli passport is required. Olim can apply for a passport at Misrad Hapanim and it takes approximately seven business days to receive it in the mail. For more information on obtaining your biometric passport click here.

What you need:
1. Teudat Zehut
2. Foreign passport
3. Processing fee (cash, credit card, or bank check).

All family members requesting a passport (including children) must be physically present at Misrad Hapnim. Once you submit a request, the passport will be mailed to the home address that appears on your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card). Make sure that Misrad Hapnim has your current address.

If you plan to work in the public sector, for example in the government or the school system, you must first have your diploma(s) accredited officially by the Misrad Hachinuch (משרד החינוך – Ministry of Education). This accreditation process will also determine the salary and rank appropriate to your degree.

What you need:

Bring originals and copies of the required documents to Misrad Hachinuch. For more information about having your degrees recognized in Israel please click here.

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